Clinton server tech told FBI of colleagues' worries about system
A technician hired by Hillary Clinton to run the private email system she used while U.S. secretary of state told investigators he tried to pass on colleagues' concerns that the system might not compl...
Gennifer Flowers accepts Donald Trump’s invitation to attend debate
If she goes, Flowers would join Trump critic Mark Cuban in the front row.
Fahrenkopf: Cuban will not sit in front row of debate
Debate commission co-chair Frank Fahrenkopf tells Smerconish they will not allow people like Mark Cuban to sit in front row to distract the candidates.
Auroville Documentary - Journey to the City of Dawn
This film tells a timely and inspirational story of human unity and critical issues of environmental sustainability.
Scary Portal Opening Above CERN? Helicopter Chases UFO & More! 9/20/16
NYC UFO channel: reporting the best in new UFO sighting .
Devil Frog Vomits Up A New Ant Species
Sometimes scientists make discoveries in the strangest of places. Like the belly of a poison frog.
Exclusive: Goldman Axing Nearly 30 Percent Of Asia Investment Banking Jobs
Goldman Sachs (GS.N) is cutting almost 30 percent of its 300 investment banking jobs in Asia outside Japan in response to a slowdown in activity in the region, two sources familiar with the matter tol...
Crime-Fighting Robots Now Patrolling The Streets Of California
Silicon Valley Deploys Crime-Fighting Robots To Patrol The Streets Day and Night In the latest development from Silicon Valley, a Palo Alto startup called
Beyond Resveratrol: The Anti-Aging NAD Fad
Whenever I see my 10-year-old daughter brimming over with so much energy that she jumps up in the middle of supper to run around the table, I think to myself, “those young mitochondria.” Mitochondria ...
Brilliant Advertising Campaign By Norwegian Airlines
Norwegian airlines have seized a brilliant opportunity to use the Brangelina split in order to advertise their flights to Los Angeles. "Brad is single," says
Speed Of Light Communication: Graphene-Based Optoelectronics
Digital communication using silicon photonics is energy intensive. Energy efficient graphene-based optoelectronics promise to address this.
Russian Programmer Volunteers For First Human Head Transplant, Next Year|
The world's first complete head transplant is taking place next year in order to save the life of a Russian programmer.
Breaking News
Breaking news, interchangeably termed latebreaking news and also known as a special report or news bulletin, is a current issue that broadcasters feel warrants the interruption of scheduled programmin...
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Action may refer to:
Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, usually involving imaginative or technical skill. In their most general form these activities include the production of...
A car is a wheeled, self-powered motor vehicle used for transportation. Most definitions of the term specify that cars are designed to run primarily on roads, to have seating for one to eight people, ...
Celebrity is fame and public attention in the media, usually applied to a person, or group of people (celebrity couple, family etc.), or occasionally, to animals or fictional entities. Celebrity statu...
Culture (/ˈkʌltʃər/ is, in the words of E.B. Tylor, "that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of...
Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. It can be an idea or a task, but is more likely to be one of the activities or ...
Finance is a field that deals with the allocation of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of certainty and uncertainty. Finance also applies and uses the theories of economics at some l...
Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans it is the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental or socia...
History (from Greek ἱστορία, historia, meaning "inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation") is the study of the past, particularly how it relates to humans. It is an umbrella term that relates to p...
Law is a social science and a system of rules that are enforced through social institutions to govern behaviour. Laws can be made by legislatures through legislation (resulting in statutes), the execu...
Living may refer to:
A museum is an institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, cultural, or historical importance and makes them available for public viewin...
Music is an art form whose medium is sound. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the son...