Ångermanland  is a historical province (landskap) in the northern part of Sweden. It is bordered (clockwise from the north) by Swedish Lapland, Västerbotten, the Gulf of Bothnia, Medelpad, ...
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Diocese of Härnösand
The Diocese of Härnösand is a division in the Church of Sweden in Västernorrland County. The Cathedral is located at Trädgårdsgatan in Härnösand.
The diocese is divided into 10 deaneries with 113 ...
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IF Friska Viljor
Idrettsföreningen Friska Viljor is a Swedish ski jumping and Nordic combined club from Örnsköldsvik, Västernorrland County.It formerly offered more sports. A football club named Friska Viljor FC was s...
Matthias Norberg
Matthias Norberg, (1747–1826) was a Swedish professor of Greek and Oriental languages at Lund University.
He was born in 1747 in Nätra, Ångermanland in north Sweden.Matthias Norberg belonged to a ...
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Sollefteå GIF
Sollefteå GIF is a Swedish football club located in Sollefteå.
The club was founded in 1898 catering for a variety of sports. From 1905 the club gradually developed its football section. In the ...
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Själevads IK
Själevads IK is a sports club from Själevad, 5 kilometres west of Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. The women's soccer season of 2004 was the first in the Swedish top division, Damallsvenskan, for the club, which...
Anundsjö IF
Anundsjö IF is a Swedish football club located in Bredbyn outside Örnsköldsvik. The club, formed in 1921, is currently playing in the fourth highest Swedish league, Division 2. The club is affiliated ...
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Härnösand County
Härnösand County, or Härnösands län, was a county of the Swedish Empire, between 1645 and 1654. The seat of residence for the Governor was in Härnösand.It included the Provinces of Ångermanland, Mede...
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Ytterlännäs parish
Ytterlännäs is a parish in the Diocese of Härnösand in Västernorrland County, Sweden.
Ytterlännäs parish, in the province of Ångermanland, belonged to the Archdiocese of Uppsala in the Middle Ages...
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Ångermanlands Fotbollförbund
The Ångermanlands Fotbollförbund (Ångermanland Football Association) is one of the 24 district organisations of the Swedish Football Association. It administers lower tier football in the historic pro...
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Fjällräven is a Swedish company specialising in outdoor equipment—mostly clothing and rucksacks. The name means the arctic fox. Fjällräven was founded in 1960 by Åke Nordin (1936–2013). The orig...
Salsåker-Ullångers IF
Salsåker-Ullångers IF is a Swedish football club located in Ullånger in Kramfors Municipality, Västernorrland County.
During the years 1984 to 2010 the club has existed in various forms covering ...
Ådalen is the river valley of the Ångerman River, downstream Junsele, in Sweden. It often refers to the broad, densely populated, fjord-like mouth of the river, in Kramfors Municipality, and is known ...
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Ytterlännäs old church
The Old Church of Ytterlännäs belongs to Ytterlännäs parish in the province of Ångermanland in Northern Sweden. It is located between Nyland and Bollstabruk on the main road no. 333 in Kramfors Munici...
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IF Älgarna
IF Älgarna is a Swedish football team from Härnösand currently playing in Division 3 Mellersta Norrland. The club is affiliated to the Ångermanlands Fotbollförbund.
IF Älgarna played at their hig...
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Anundsjö parish
Anundsjö is a parish in the Diocese of Härnösand in Sweden.
The Anundsjö church is located in the community of Bredbyn in Örnsköldsvik Municipality and has a detached belltower.
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Medelpad ( Listen ) is a historical province or landskap in the north of Sweden. It borders Hälsingland, Härjedalen, Jämtland, Ångermanland and the Gulf of Bothnia.The province is a part of ...
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The High Coast
The High Coast (Swedish: Höga kusten) is a part of the coast of Sweden on the Gulf of Bothnia, situated in the municipalities of Kramfors, Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik and notable as a type area for...
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