Wulfstan (died 1023)
Wulfstan (sometimes Lupus; died 28 May 1023) was an English Bishop of London, Bishop of Worcester, and Archbishop of York. He should not be confused with Wulfstan I, Archbishop of York or Wulfstan, Bi...
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Severus Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ
Severus ibn al-Muqaffaʿ (in Arabic ساويرس بن المقفع) or Severus of El Ashmunein (in Arabic ساويرس الأشمونين) (died 987) was a Coptic Orthodox Bishop, author and historian. In Arabic, his name is spell...
Strachkvas (Kristián) (September 28, 929 or 935, Prague - 996, Prague) was a prince of Bohemia, son of Boleslav I and brother of Boleslav II, all members of the Přemyslid dynasty. A clergyman, Strach...
Ælfred of Selsey
Ælfred or Alfred was an Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Selsey.Ælfred attests charters from 943 to 953.In 945 Ælfred received a grant of land from King Edmund.Ælfred died between 953 and 956.
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Oecumenius (Greek: Οἰκουμένιος, Ἐπίσκοπος Τρίκκης), once believed to be a Bishop of Trikka (now Trikala) in Thessaly writing about 990 (according to Cave, Scriptorum eccles. hist. liter. (Basel, 1...
Wulfgar of Lichfield
Wulfgar (died circa 947) was a medieval Bishop of Lichfield.Wulfgar was consecrated between 935 and 941 and died between 946 and 949. He is known to history from William of Malmesbury, a number of roy...
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Wulfsige II
Wulfsige (or Wulfsige II) was a medieval Bishop of Sherborne.Wulfsige was consecrated between 939 and 943. He died after 958 to sometime around 963.
Forannan, fl. c. 969, was Bishop of Donoughmore. His clan held the plain of Magh Feimhin, near Clonmel. Forannan was chosen bishop by popular election, and consecrated, according to his 'Life,' in 'th...
Ælfstan (bishop of London)
Ælfstan (or Aelfstan) was a medieval Bishop of London.Ælfstan was consecrated 959 and 964 and he died between 995 and 996.
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Sigehelm (Latin: Sigelmus or Sigehelmus) was a medieval Bishop of Sherborne.Sigehelm was consecrated either around 909 or between 918 and 925. He died between 932 and 934.
Elphege of Lichfield
Elphege (or Ælfheah; died circa 1003) was a medieval Bishop of Lichfield.Elphege was consecrated in 975 and died between 1002 and 1004.
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Werferth (Wærferth, Werfrith, or Waerfrith) was an English bishop of Worcester.Werferth was consecrated either in 872 or between 869 and 872. A contemporary and friend of Alfred the Great, he was a si...
Ælfstan (bishop of Rochester)
Ælfstan was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was consecrated sometime before 964. He died between 994 and 995.
Boso of Merseburg
Boso of Merseburg (died November 970) was the first Bishop of Merseburg in Saxony-Anhalt, and "Apostle of the Wends."Boso, a native of Bavaria, was a Benedictine monk of Saint Emmeram's in Regensburg,...
Gregory of Nin
Gregory of Nin (Croatian: Grgur Ninski, [ɡr̩̂ɡuːr nîːnskiː]) was a medieval Croatian bishop of Nin who strongly opposed the Pope and official circles of the Church and introduced the national lang...
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Daniel of Cornwall
Daniel was a medieval Bishop of Cornwall.He was consecrated between 937 and 955. He died after 959.
Radboud of Utrecht
Saint Radbod (or Radboud) (before 850 – 917) was bishop of Utrecht from 900 to 917.He was a descendant of the last King of the Frisians. He spent his youth with his uncle Gunther, Archbishop of Cologn...
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Máel Ísu II (bishop of the Scots)
Máel Ísu II is the sixth alleged Bishop of the Scots, equivalent to later day St. Andrews. He is mentioned in the bishop-lists of the 15th-century historians Walter Bower and Andrew of Wyntoun as the ...
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Tidhelm (died circa 937) was a medieval Bishop of Hereford. He was consecrated between 930 and 931 and died in either 934 or between 937 and 940.
Æthelwold of Winchester
Æthelwold of Winchester (also spelled Aethelwald, Ethelwold, etc.), (904/9 – 984) was Bishop of Winchester from 963 to 984 and one of the leaders of the tenth-century monastic reform movement in...
Ælfwold III
Ælfwold (or Ælfweald or Aelfwold) was a medieval Bishop of Crediton.He was elected to Crediton sometime after a time frame between 986 and 987. He died between 1011 and 1015.
Tilred of Lindisfarne
Tilred of Lindisfarne (died 928) was Bishop of Lindisfarne between 915 and 928.Prior to moving to Lindisfarne Tilred had been the abbot of Heversham in Cumbria. It has been surmised that Tilred dedic...
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Wulfhelm of Hereford
Wulfhelm (or Wulfehelm; died circa 937) was a medieval Bishop of Hereford. He was consecrated in either 934 or between 937 and 940 and died either in 934 or between 937 and 940.
Patriarch Theophylact of Constantinople
Theophylact Lekapenos (or Lecapenus) (Greek: Θεοφύλακτος Λακαπηνός, Theophylaktos Lakapenos) (917 – 27 February 956) was Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 2 February 933 to his death in...
Wigmund (bishop)
Wigmund or Wilferth was a medieval Bishop of Lichfield.He was consecrated between 889 and 900 and died between 903 and 915.
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Ælfsige (Bishop of St Cuthbert)
Ælfsige (or Elfdig) (died 990) was Bishop of St Cuthbert from 968 to 990.
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Sexhelm of Lindisfarne
Sexhelm of Lindisfarne (died 947) was Bishop of Lindisfarne for six months in 947.He was probably the Sexhelm mentioned in Walter Scott's Marmion:Was by the prelate Sexhelm madeA place of burial for s...
Máel Muire (bishop of the Scots)
Máel Muire is the fifth alleged bishop of St Andrews, though at that period the bishop of the Scots did not necessarily have one episcopal seat. He is mentioned in the bishop-list of the 15th-century ...
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