Year 1188 (MCLXXXVIII) was a leap year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
Kayqubad I
Kayqubad I (1188–1237, Persian: علاء الدين كيقباد بن كيكاوس‎, 'Alā ad-Dīn Kayqubād bin Kaykāvūs; Turkish: I. Alâeddin Keykûbad) was the Seljuq Sultan of Rûm who reigned from 1220 to 12...
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Ferdinand II of León
Ferdinand II (c. 1137 – 22 January 1188) was King of León and Galicia from 1157 to his death.
Born in Toledo, Castile, he was the son of King Alfonso VII of León and Castile and of Berenguela, of ...
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Battle of Nettur
The Battle of Nettur was an engagement between the Chola Emperor Kulothunga Chola III and Vira Pandya the claimant to the Pandya throne in 1188.
The Cholas set up Vira Pandya on the Pandyan throne...
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Roger de Mowbray (Lord of Montbray)
Roger de Mowbray (c. 1120–1188) was an English noble, described by Horace Round as
Roger was the son of Nigel d'Aubigny by his second wife; Gundreda de Gournay.On his father's death i...
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Ferdinand, Count of Flanders
Ferdinand (24 March 1188 – 27 July 1233; Portuguese: Fernando, French and Dutch: Ferrand) reigned as jure uxoris Count of Flanders and Hainaut from his marriage to Countess Joan, celebrated in P...
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San Giovanni in Fiore Abbey
The San Giovanni in Fiore Abbey (Italian: Abbazia Florense) is an abbey located in the Province of Cosenza, in the Calabria region of southwestern Italy.
The abbey's origin date back to Joachim da...
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List of state leaders in 1188
This is a list of heads of state, government leaders, and other rulers in the year 1188.
1188 in Norway
Events in the year 1188 in Norway.
Jon Kuvlung
Jon Ingesson Kuvlung (died 1188) was a pretender to the Royal Crown during the civil war era in Norway. He was a rival of the reigning King Sverre of Norway.
Jon Ingesson was claimed to be a son ...
West Dereham Abbey
West Dereham Abbey was an abbey in Norfolk, England. St Mary’s Abbey, West Dereham, was founded in 1188 by Hubert Walter, Dean of York, at his birthplace. It was to be a daughter house of Welbeck A...
Ponç de la Guàrdia
Ponç de la Guàrdia (or Pons de la Guardia; fl. 1154–1188) was a Catalan knight of the family of Saguàrdia, lords of the castle of Ripoll. He was not a professional jongleur, but a troubadour who wrote...
Berthold I of Istria
Berthold III, Count of Andechs (c. 1110/1122 – December 14, 1188) was the Margrave of Istria as Berthold I from 1173 until 1188. He was the son of Berthold II, Count of Andechs, Dießen, Plassenb...
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1188 in England
Events from the 1180s in England.
Monarch - Henry II (to 6 July 1189), Richard I
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Renier of St Laurent
Renier of St Laurent (died 1188) was a twelfth-century Benedictine monk of St Laurent Abbey, Liège. He known as a writer, of theological and exegetical works, controversial and historical works, and n...
Eysteinn Erlendsson
Eysteinn Erlendsson (Modern Norwegian Øystein Erlendsson, Latin Augustinus Nidrosiensis) (died 26 January 1188) was Archbishop of Nidaros from 1161 to his death in 1188.
His family came from Trønd...
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Tractatus of Glanvill
The Tractatus de legibus et consuetudinibus regni Angliae (English: Treatise on the laws and customs of the Kingdom of England) is the earliest treatise on English law. Commonly attributed to Ranu...
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Hugh the Chaplain
Hugh the Chaplain (or Hugo Capellanus) was the royal Chaplain of King William I of Scotland before becoming Bishop of Cell Rígmonaid (St Andrews), the highest ranking Scottish see of the period. After...
Aoife MacMurrough
Aoife MacMurrough (c.1145–1188, Irish: Aoife Ní Diarmait), also known by later historians as Eva of Leinster, was the daughter of Dermot MacMurrough (c.1110-1171) (Irish: Diarmait Mac Murchada...
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Hildegund (virgin)
Hildegund (died 1188) was a German woman who lived under the name Joseph disguised as a male in a monastery. She is often described as a saint (feast day April 20), though her cult has never been form...
Tōkasan Jōmyō Zenji (稲荷山浄妙寺) is a Zen Buddhist temple of the Rinzai sect, Kenchō-ji school, in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Jōmyō-ji is Number Five of the five temples known as Kamakura G...
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Siege of Tyre (1187)
The Siege of Tyre took place from November 12, 1187 to January 1, 1188. An army commanded by Saladin made an amphibious assault on the city, defended by Conrad of Montferrat. After two months of conti...
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