Saintonge War
The Saintonge War was a feudal dynastic encounter that occurred in 1242 between forces of Louis IX of France and those of Henry III of England. Saintonge is the region around Saintes in the centre-wes...
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1242 in England
Events from the 1240s in England.
Monarch - Henry III
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Battle of Grobnik field
The Battle of Grobnik field is a legendary battle that supposedly occurred in 1242 between the Croats and the Tatars. The legend was recorded as early as 16th century and was later a focus of an early...
Battle of Taillebourg
The Battle of Taillebourg was a 1242 battle between the Capetian troops of Louis IX and his brother Alphonse of Poitiers, and the rebel followers of Hugh X of Lusignan and Henry III of England. It was...
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Battle of the Ice
The Battle on the Ice (Russian: Ледовое побоище, Ledovoye poboish'ye; German: Schlacht auf dem Eise; Estonian: Jäälahing; (German: Schlacht auf dem Peipussee; Russian: битва на Чуд...
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Golden Bull of 1242
The Golden Bull of 1242 was a golden bull or edict, issued by King Béla IV of Hungary to inhabitants of Gradec (part of today's Zagreb in Croatia) during Mongol invasion of Europe. By this golden bull...
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Mongol invasion of Europe
The Mongol invasion of Europe in the 13th century was the military effort by the Mongols to invade and conquer Eastern Europe and Central Europe. It involved the severe and rampant destruction of East...
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1242 in Ireland
Events from the year 1242 in Ireland.