1480s in England
Events from the 1480s in England.
Monarch - Edward IV (to 9 April 1483), Edward V (to 26 June 1483), Richard III (to 22 August 1485), Henry VII
Buckingham's rebellion
Buckingham's rebellion was a failed but significant uprising, or collection of uprisings, of late 1483 in England and parts of Wales against Richard III of England. To the extent that these local risi...
Stafford and Lovell Rebellion
The Stafford and Lovell rebellion was the first armed uprising against Henry VII after he won the crown at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. The uprising was led by Francis Lovell, 1st Viscount Lovell ...
Battle of Bosworth Field
The Battle of Bosworth (or Bosworth Field) was the last significant battle of the Wars of the Roses, the civil war between the Houses of Lancaster and York that raged across England in the latter half...
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1487 in Ireland
Events from the year 1487 in Ireland.
The Taill of the Uponlandis Mous and the Burges Mous
The Taill of the Uponlandis Mous and the Burges Mous, also known as The Twa Mice, is a Middle Scots adaptation of Aesop's Fable The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse by the Scottish poet Robert Henryso...
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Capture of Berwick (1482)
2°00′47″W / 55.775°N 2.013°W / 55.775; -2.013Berwick upon Tweed and its castle were captured by the English in 1482 during the Anglo-Scottish Wars. By the Treaty of Fotheringh...
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Granada War
The Granada War (Spanish: Guerra de Granada) was a series of military campaigns between 1482 and 1492, during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs (los Reyes Católicos) Isabella I of Castile and Fer...
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