Year 1482 (MCDLXXXII) was a common year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
Mary of Burgundy
Mary (13 February 1457 – 27 March 1482), Duchess of Burgundy, reigned over the Low Countries from 1477 until her death. As the only child of Charles the Bold and his wife Isabella of Bourbon, sh...
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Siege of Hainburg
The Siege of Hainburg were two sieges of Hainburg conducted by Matthias I, King of Hungary, during the Austro-Hungarian War (1477–88). The first siege was broken in July 1482 by the Imperial Army of t...
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Battle of Campomorto
The Battle of Campomorto is a battle fought near Frosinone, in the Lazio (Italy) on August 21, 1482, in the course of the War of Ferrara.It saw the Papal army, led by the famous condottiero Roberto Ma...
Margaret of Anjou
Margaret of Anjou (French: Marguerite; 23 March 1430 – 25 August 1482) was the wife of King Henry VI of England. As such, she was Queen of England from 1445 to 1461 and again from 1470 to 1471. Bo...
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Richard Aertsz
Richard Aartsz, or Rijckaert Aertsz (1482 – May 1577) was a Dutch Renaissance painter of historical allegories. Most of his works were painted while he lived in Antwerp. He was a pupil of Jan Mostaert...
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Cetinje (Montenegrin: Cetinje, Цетиње; ([ t͡sětiɲe]) is a city and Old Royal Capital of Montenegro. It is also a historical and the secondary capital of Montenegro (Приjестоница / Prijestonica), with ...
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1480s in England
Events from the 1480s in England.
Monarch - Edward IV (to 9 April 1483), Edward V (to 26 June 1483), Richard III (to 22 August 1485), Henry VII
Georg Tannstetter
Georg Tannstetter (April 1482 – March 26, 1535), also called Georgius Collimitius, was a humanist teaching at the University of Vienna. He was a medical doctor, mathematician, astronomer, cartog...
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Raimondo Epifanio
Raimondo Epifanio (1440–1482) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period. Born in Naples. He studied under Silvestro Buono. One of his pupils was Andrea Sabbatini.
Mathieu d'Escouchy
Mathieu d'Escouchy (Le Quesnoy, Nord, 1420 — 1482) was a Picard chronicler during the last stages of the Hundred Years War.His Chronique was a continuation of the chronicle of Enguerrand de Monstrelet...
Chronicle of the City of Lucerne
The Chronicle of the City of Lucerne (German: Luzerner Chronik) is the oldest existing chronological account of the history of the city of Lucerne.
The Chronicle of the City of Lucerne was compos...
Deutsches Nationaltheater and Staatskapelle Weimar
The Deutsche Nationaltheater and Staatskapelle Weimar (DNT) is the most important musical and theatrical venue in Weimar in Germany. It is a twin institution, consisting of the theatrical Deutsches Na...
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Battle of San Martino
The 15th Century Battle of San Martino in Italy was part of an ongoing conflict between two city states, the Venetians under Berterelli and the Florentines under Giovanni, in 1482. That battle was fou...
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