Year 1488 (MCDLXXXVIII) was a leap year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
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Siege of Namur
The Siege of Namur can refer to a number of sieges of the city of Namur in Belgium:
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1488 in art
The decade of the 1480s in art involved some significant events.
Edmund Shaa
Sir Edmund Shaa or Shaw (died 20 April 1488) was a London goldsmith, Sheriff of London in 1475 and Lord Mayor of London in 1482. Shaa lent money to Edward IV and, as mayor (at least), was extensively...
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Otto Brunfels
Otto Brunfels (also known as Brunsfels or Braunfels) (believed to be born in 1488 – December 23, 1534) was a German theologian and botanist. Carl von Linné listed him among the "Fathers of Botany".
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Alvise Cadamosto
Alvise Cadamosto or Alvide da Ca' da Mosto ([aɫˈviz(ɨ) kɐðaˈmoʃtu], also known in Portuguese as Luís Cadamosto; c. 1432 – July 16, 1483) was an Italian slave trader and explorer, who was hired b...
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An-Nasir Muhammad bin Yusuf
An-Nasir Muhammad bin Yusuf (died August 8, 1488) was a contender for the Zaidi state in Yemen, whose term as imam is counted from 1474 to 1488.Muhammad bin Yusuf was a descendant of the imam al-Mahdi...
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1480s in England
Events from the 1480s in England.
Monarch - Edward IV (to 9 April 1483), Edward V (to 26 June 1483), Richard III (to 22 August 1485), Henry VII
Firgas, Las Palmas
Firgas is a town and a municipality in the northern part of the island of Gran Canaria in the Province of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. Its population is 7,628 (2013), and the area is 15.77 km². T...
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Lordship of Wickrath
The Lordship of Wickrath (sometimes spelled "Wykradt") was a Lordship of the Holy Roman Empire located in western North Rhine-Westphalia around the castle of Wickrath. The Lordship was bordered by Jül...
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Collusive Actions Act 1488
The Collusive Actions Act 1488 (4 Hen 7 c 20) was an Act of the Parliament of England.The words from "and over that be it enacted and ordeyned" to "woll sue in that behalf" were repealed by section 1 ...
Austrian–Hungarian War (1477–88)
The Austrian–Hungarian War was a military conflict between the Kingdom of Hungary under Mathias Corvinus and the Habsburg Archduchy of Austria under Frederick V (also Holy Roman Emperor as Frederick I...
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Catherine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Duchess of Saxe-Lauenburg
Catherine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1488 – 29 June 1563, Neuhaus upon Elbe) was a member of the house of Welf and a Princess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and by marriage Duchess of Saxe-Lauenburg....
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An Acte agaynst counterfeting of forrayne Coyne
An Acte agaynst counterfeting of forrayne Coyne (4 Hen. 7 c. 18) was an Act of the Parliament of England passed in 1488. It made it high treason to counterfeit coinage from other countries. (It was al...
Mary Stewart, Countess of Arran
Mary Stewart, Countess of Arran (13 May 1453 – May 1488) was the elder daughter of James II of Scotland and Mary of Guelders. Her brother was James III of Scotland. She married twice; firstly to Thoma...
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Battle of Sauchieburn
The Battle of Sauchieburn was fought on 11 June 1488, at the side of Sauchie Burn, a stream about two miles south of Stirling, Scotland. The battle was fought between the followers of King James III ...
The Borgia Bride
The Borgia Bride is a 2005 novel by American writer Jeanne Kalogridis, portraying life in the Borgia dynasty through the eyes of Princess Sancha of Aragon.
Sancha of Aragon, princess of Naples and...