Diane de Poitiers
Diane de Poitiers (3 September 1499 – 25 April 1566) was a French noblewoman and a prominent courtier at the courts of kings Francis I and his son, Henry II of France. She became notorious as the latt...
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Yi Am
Yi Am (in Hangul:이암, in Hanja:李巖, 1499~?) was a painter during the mid-Joseon Dynasty. He was the grandson of the 4th son of Sejong the Great.His paintings are famous for exhibiting the artist's own s...
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John de Vere, 14th Earl of Oxford
John de Vere, 14th Earl of Oxford (14 August 1499 – 14 July 1526) was an English peer and landowner.By inheritance he was Lord Great Chamberlain of England, and in June 1520, at the age of twenty, he ...
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Rodrigo of Aragon
Rodrigo of Aragon (also called Little Rodrigo, 1499–1512), Duke of Bisceglie and Sermoneta of the House of Trastámara, was the only child of Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alexander VI, and her se...
Peter Martyr Vermigli
Peter Martyr Vermigli (Italian: Pietro Martire Vermigli, born Piero Mariano, 8 September 1499 – 12 November 1562) was an Italian theologian of the Reformation period who converted from Roman Cath...
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Johannes Brenz
Johann Brenz (24 June 1499 – 11 September 1570) was a German theologian and the Protestant Reformer of the Duchy of Württemberg.
Brenz was born in the then Imperial City of Weil der Stadt, 20 mile...
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Maria Salviati
Maria Salviati (17 July 1499 – 29 December 1543) was an Italian noblewoman, the daughter of Lucrezia di Lorenzo de' Medici and Jacopo Salviati. She married Giovanni dalle Bande Nere and was the mother...
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Cesare Hercolani
Cesare Hercolani (1499–1534) was an Italian condottiero, or mercenary leader.He was born in Forlì (Northern Italy) in 1499. The Hercolanis were a noble family, and Cesare became a venture captain unde...
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Jan van Calcar
Jan Steven van Calcar (Italian: Giovanni da Calcar, Latin: Joannes Stephanus Calcarensis) (c. 1499–1546) was a German-born Italian painter.
Calcar was born in the Duchy of Cleves sometime ...
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Nicholas Fairfax
Sir Nicholas Fairfax (1498/99-1571), of Gilling Castle and Walton, Yorkshire, was an English politician.He was a Member of Parliament (MP) for Yorkshire 1547 and 1563, and for Scarborough 1542.
Christoph Rudolff
Christoff Rudolff (born 1499 in Jawor, Silesia, died 1545 in Vienna) was the author of the first German textbook on algebra.From 1517 to 1521, Rudolff was a student of Henricus Grammateus (Schreyber ...
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John Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Bath
Sir John Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Bath, PC (1499 in Devon – 10 February 1560/61) was an Earl in the peerage of England. He also succeeded to the titles of 4th Baron FitzWarin, Baron Daubeney and 4...
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Diana di Cordona
Diana di Cordona (1499 - after 1550) was an Italian noblewoman, who was mistress of Sigismund II Augustus and Cesare I Gonzaga who later in life went missing and was presumed to be dead in 1550.
Julius von Pflug
Julius von Pflug (1499 in Eythra – 3 September 1564 in Zeitz) was the last Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Naumburg from 1542 until his death. He was one of the most significant reformers invo...
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Lawrence Torrentinus
Lawrence Torrentinus, also known as Lorenzo Torrentino, Laurentius Torrentinus, Laurens van den Bleeck (1499–1563) was a Dutch-Italian humanist and famous typographer and printer for Cosimo, Duke of ...
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Virgilio Rosario
Virgilio Rosario (1499–1559) was an Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal.
Virgilio Rosario was born in Spoleto in 1499. He became a doctor of both laws. He was ordained as a priest and bec...
Bartolomé Ferrelo
Bartolomé Ferrelo, also known as Bartolomé Ferrer, born in 1499 in the region of Levante, Spain, died 1550 in Mexico.He was the pilot for Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, the Portuguese captain who was sent b...
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Cardinals created by Pius IV
Pope Pius IV (r. 1559–1565) created 46 cardinals in four consistories:
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William Latymer
William Latymer or Latimer (1499–1583) was an English evangelical clergyman, Dean of Peterborough from 1560. He was chaplain to Anne Boleyn, and is best known for his biography of her, the Chronickill...
Johannes Aepinus
Johannes Aepinus (Johann Hoeck) (1499–1553) was a German Lutheran theologian, the first Superintendent of Hamburg from 1532 to 1553, presiding as spiritual leader over the Lutheran state church of Ham...
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Edmund Tudor, Duke of Somerset
Edmund Tudor, Duke of Somerset (21 February 1499 – 19 June 1500) was the sixth child of Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York. Edmund's elder siblings (in order of birth) were Arthur, Prince of W...
Adrianus Petit Coclico
Adrianus Petit Coclico (Flanders, 1499 – Copenhagen, after September 1562) was a Netherlandish composer of the Renaissance.
Like many Renaissance composers, very little is known about Coclic...
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Piero Vettori
Piero Vettori (1499 – 8 December 1585; Latin: Petrus Victorius) was an Italian writer, philologist and humanist.
Vettori was born in Florence and in his life dealt with numerous matters, from agri...
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Richard Whalley (MP)
Richard Whalley may refer to:
Catherine of the Palatinate (1499–1526)
Catherine of the Palatinate (14 October 1499 in Heidelberg – 16 January 1526 in Neuburg Abbey) was a member of the Wittelsbach family and a titular Countess Palatine of Simmern. She was abbess...
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Council of Trent
The Council of Trent (Latin: Concilium Tridentinum), held between 1545 and 1563 in Trento (Trent) and Bologna, northern Italy, was one of the Roman Catholic Church's most important ecumenical coun...
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George Owen (physician)
George Owen (1499–1558), from Oxford and Godstow, Oxfordshire, was an English royal physician and politician.Owen was born in the Diocese of Worcester and educated at Merton College, Oxford. In 1520 h...
Sebald Heyden
Sebald Heyden (8 December 1499 – 9 July 1561) was a German musicologist, cantor, theologian, hymn-writer and religious poet. He is perhaps best known for his De arte canendi ("On the Art of Singing", ...
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Günther XL, Count of Schwarzburg
Günther XL, Count of Schwarzburg nicknamed the Rich or Günther with the fat mouth (31 October 1499 in Sondershausen – 10 November 1552 in Gehren), was a ruling Count of Schwarzburg.
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Martin Cellarius
Martin Borrhaus (Latin: Martin Cellarius) (1499–11 October 1564) was a German Protestant theologian and reformer.
Borrhaus was born in Stuttgart and raised as an adopted child of a Simon Keller. H...
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