14th century
As a means of recording the passage of time, the 14th century was the century which lasted from January 1, 1301, to December 31, 1400. Political and natural disaster and black death ravaged 4 khanates...
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14th century in literature
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Renaissance literature
Renaissance literature refers to European literature which was influenced by the intellectual and cultural tendencies associated with the Renaissance. The literature of the Renaissance was written wit...
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Medieval literature
Medieval literature is a broad subject, encompassing essentially all written works available in Europe and beyond during the Middle Ages (encompassing the one thousand years from the fall of the Weste...
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Flagellants are practitioners of an extreme form of mortification of their own flesh by whipping it with various instruments.
Flagellantism was a 13th and 14th centuries movement, consisting of ra...
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Þórðar saga hreðu
Þórðar saga hreðu ( listen ) is one of the sagas of Icelanders. It tells of Þórður Þórðarson who fled Norway after murdering no less of a person than the king of Norway Sigurd Gunnhildarson....
CPG 359
The Cod. Pal. germ. 359 (CPG 359) is an illustrated manuscript created in Strasbourg ca. 1418. It contains the texts Rosengarten zu Worms and Lucidarius.
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Christianity in the 14th century
Christianity in the 14th century consisted of an end to the Crusades and a precursor to Protestantism.
King Philip IV of France created an inquisition for his suppression of the Knights Templar du...
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Christianization of Lithuania
The Christianization of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos krikštas) – Christianization of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania that took place in 1387, initiated by the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lith...
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Libro de Alexandre
The Libro de Alexandre is a medieval Spanish epic poem about Alexander the Great written between 1178 and c. 1250 in the mester de clerecía. It is largely based on the Alexandreis of Walter of Châtill...
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Gyffard partbooks
The Gyffard Partbooks (British Library Additional MSS 17802-5) (also spelled Giffard) are an important set of Renaissance choral partbooks containing pieces by renowned Renaissance composers such as T...
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1320s in art
The decade of the 1320s in art involved some significant events.
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Tsechen Monastery and Dzong
Tsechen Monastery, Tsechen Dzong or Shambu Tsegu, was about five kilometres northwest of Gyantse above the traditional village of the same name. Tsechen was the largest of a number of hilltop monaster...
List of 14th-century lunar eclipses

There were 231 lunar eclipse events between 1301 and 1400 CE
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Sagas of Icelanders
The Sagas of Icelanders (Icelandic: Íslendingasögur), many of which are also known as family sagas, are prose histories mostly describing events that took place in Iceland in the 10th and early 11...
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Year 1405 (MCDV) was a common year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
Liber Paradisus
The Liber Paradisus (Heaven Book) is a law text promulgated in 1256 by the Comune of Bologna which proclaimed the abolition of slavery and the release of serfs (servi della gleba).
After the battl...
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