Toungoo–Hanthawaddy War (1534–41)
The Toungoo–Hanthawaddy War (1534–1541) (Burmese: တောင်ငူ–ဟံသာဝတီ စစ် (၁၅၃၄–၁၅၄၁)) was a military conflict between Toungoo Kingdom, and the Hanthawaddy Kingdom and its allies the Prome Kingdom and...
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1531 in India
Events from the year 1531 in India.
1533 in India
Events from the year 1533 in India.
Capture of Baghdad (1534)
The 1534 capture of Baghdad by Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire from the Safavid dynasty under Tahmasp I was part the Ottoman–Safavid War of 1532 to 1555, itself part a series of Ottoman...
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1530 in India
Events from the year 1530 in India.
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1535 in India
Events from the year 1535 in India.
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Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1538–57)
The second Ottoman-Portuguese War (1538–1557) was an armed military conflict between the Portuguese Empire and Ethiopian Empire against the Ottoman Empire, Ajuran Sultanate, and Adal Sultanate, into t...
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Battle of Naungyo
The Battle of Naungyo (Burmese: နောင်ရိုးတိုက်ပွဲ [nàʊɴjó taɪʔpwɛ́]) was a land battle fought between the armies of the Toungoo Kingdom and Hanthawaddy Kingdom during the Toungoo–Hanthawaddy War (...
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Ottoman–Safavid War (1532–55)
The Ottoman–Safavid War of 1532–1555 was one of the many military conflicts fought between the two arch rivals, the Ottoman Empire led by Suleiman the Magnificent, and the Persian Safavid Empire led b...
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1532 in India
Events from the year 1532 in India.
Russo-Kazan Wars
The Russo-Kazan Wars was a series of wars fought between the Khanate of Kazan and Muscovite Russia from 1438, until Kazan was finally captured by Ivan the Terrible and absorbed into Russia in 1552. Af...
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1538 in India
Events from the year 1538 in India.