Siege of Fukashi
The 1549 siege of Fukashi was executed by Takeda Shingen during his campaign to take Shinano province. Fukashi was one of several minor fortresses controlled by Ogasawara Nagatoki and lost to Shingen....
1549 in India
Events from the year 1549 in India.
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Burmese–Siamese War (1547–49)
The Burmese–Siamese War (1547–49) (Burmese: ယိုးဒယား-မြန်မာစစ် (၁၅၄၇–၄၉); Thai: สงครามพม่า-สยาม พ.ศ. 2090–92 or สงครามพระเจ้าตะเบ็งชเวตี้, lit. "Tabinshwehti's war") was the first war fought b...
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Siege of Kajiki
The Siege of Kajiki was fought in the year of 1549 when forces of the Shimazu clan besieged the castle of Kajiki. The siege succeeded and the castle was taken. The siege is notable for being the first...