1554 in India
Events from the year 1554 in India.
1557 in India
Events from the year 1557 in India.
1558 in India
Events from the year 1558 in India.
Sur Empire
The Suri Empire (Pashto: د سوریانو ټولواکمني‎) was established by a Muslim dynasty of Pashtun origin who ruled a large territory in Northern part of South Asia for nearly 16 years, between 1...
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1553 in India
Events from the year 1553 in India.
Muhammad Adil Shah
Muhammad Adil Shah (reigned: 1554–1555) was the fourth ruler of the Sur dynasty, a late medieval Afghan dynasty of northern India.
He was the son of Nizam Khan, the younger brother of the Sultan S...
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Guru Amar Das
Guru Amar Das ([ɡʊru əməɾ dɑs]; 5 May 1479 – 1 September 1574) was the third of the Ten Gurus of Sikhism and was given the title of Sikh Guru on 26 March 1552. He died at an age of 95.
Guru Amar D...
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Battle of Panipat (1556)
The Second Battle of Panipat was fought on November 5, 1556, between the forces of Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, popularly called Hemu, the Hindu ruler of north India from Delhi, and the army of Ak...
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Burhan Shah I
Burhan Shah I was ruler of the Ahmednagar Sultanate, in Central India. He ascended the throne on the death of his father Nizam Shah in 1508 or 1510 when he was seven years old. He died in 1553 and was...
1550 in India
Events from the year 1550 in India.
1556 in India
Events in the year 1556 in India.
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Tomb of Sher Shah Suri
Location in BiharThe tomb of Sher Shah Suri is in the Sasaram town of Bihar state, India. The tomb was built in memory of Emperor Sher Shah Suri, a Pathan from Bihar who defeated the Mughal Empire and...
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Ibrahim Adil Shah I
Ibrahim Adil Shah I (1534–1558) was a Sultan and later Shah of the Indian kingdom of Bijapur. He succeeded his elder brother, Mallu Adil Shah, through the machinations of the Afaqi faction at the cou...
1552 in India
Events from the year 1552 in India.
1551 in India
Events from the year 1551 in India.
Little Mount (Chinnamalai) is a small hillock that lies on the bank of river Adayar in the Saidapet taluk of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is traditionally acknowledged to be one of the places where ...
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1559 in India
Events from the year 1559 in India.
Ali Adil Shah I
Ali Adil Shah I (1558–1579) was the fifth Sultan of Bijapur Sultanate.On the day of his coronation Ali abandoned the Sunni practices and reintroduced the Shi’ah Khutbah and other practices. The Persia...
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Firuz Shah Suri
Firuz Shah Suri (died 1554) was the third ruler of Sur dynasty. He was son of Islam Shah Suri and succeeded him in 1554 when he was twelve years old. Firuz Shah Suri was assassinated within days of hi...
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Sikandar Shah Suri
Sikandar Shah Suri (died 1559) was the sixth ruler of Sur dynasty, a late medieval Pashtun (Afghan) dynasty of northern India. He became the sultan of Delhi after overthrowing Ibrahim Shah Suri.
1555 in India
Events from the year 1555 in India.
Battle of Delhi (1556)
The Battle of Delhi in October 1556, at Tughlakabad in Delhi, was an epoch making battle between the Hindu king Hem Chandra Vikramaditya called Hemu and forces of Mughal king Akbar, led by his General...
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