Miyao Castle
Miyao Castle (宮尾城, miyao-jō) was a fortification built on the island of Itsukushima (also known as Miyajima) during the Age of Warring States in Japan. Although referred to as a Japanese cast...
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Battles of Kawanakajima
The battles of Kawanakajima (川中島の戦い, Kawanakajima no tatakai) were fought in the Sengoku Period of Japan between Takeda Shingen of Kai Province and Uesugi Kenshin of Echigo Province in the pla...
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Peace of Amasya
The Peace of Amasya (Persian:پیمان آماسیه) was a treaty agreed to on May 29, 1555 between Shah Tahmasp of Safavid Iran and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire at the city of Amasya, ...
Muhammad Adil Shah
Muhammad Adil Shah (reigned: 1554–1555) was the fourth ruler of the Sur dynasty, a late medieval Afghan dynasty of northern India.
He was the son of Nizam Khan, the younger brother of the Sultan S...
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Battle of Miyajima
The 1555 Battle of Miyajima (厳島合戦, Itsukushima Kassen) was the only battle to be fought on the sacred island of Miyajima; the entire island is considered to be a Shinto shrine, and no birth or...
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Sikandar Shah Suri
Sikandar Shah Suri (died 1559) was the sixth ruler of Sur dynasty, a late medieval Pashtun (Afghan) dynasty of northern India. He became the sultan of Delhi after overthrowing Ibrahim Shah Suri.
1555 in India
Events from the year 1555 in India.