1557 in India
Events from the year 1557 in India.
Sur Empire
The Suri Empire (Pashto: د سوریانو ټولواکمني‎) was established by a Muslim dynasty of Pashtun origin who ruled a large territory in Northern part of South Asia for nearly 16 years, between 1...
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Battles of Kawanakajima
The battles of Kawanakajima (川中島の戦い, Kawanakajima no tatakai) were fought in the Sengoku Period of Japan between Takeda Shingen of Kai Province and Uesugi Kenshin of Echigo Province in the pla...
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Siege of Kotte (1557–58)
The Siege of Kotte from November 1557 – November 1558 was a battle part of the Sinhalese–Portuguese War. A 50,000 strong Sitawaka army led by King Mayadunne besieged Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte,...
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Treaty of Novgorod (1557)
The Treaty, Truce or Second Peace of Novgorod was concluded in March 1557. It ended the Russo-Swedish War (1554–1557), a series of skirmishes in the Viborg and Oreshek areas resulting from Swedish att...
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Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1538–57)
The second Ottoman-Portuguese War (1538–1557) was an armed military conflict between the Portuguese Empire and Ethiopian Empire against the Ottoman Empire, Ajuran Sultanate, and Adal Sultanate, into t...
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