Euridice (Caccini)
Euridice is an opera in a prologue and one act by the Italian composer Giulio Caccini. The libretto, by Ottavio Rinuccini, had already been set by Caccini's rival Jacopo Peri in 1600. Caccini's versio...
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1608 in music
The year 1608 in music involved some significant events and new musical works.
Il rapimento di Cefalo
Il rapimento di Cefalo (The Abduction of Cephalus) was one of the first Italian operas. Most of the music was written by Giulio Caccini but Stefano Venturi del Nibbio, Luca Bati and Piero Strozzi also...
Euridice (Peri)
Euridice (also Erudice or Eurydice) is an opera by Jacopo Peri, with additional music by Giulio Caccini. (Caccini wrote his own "Euridice" even as he supplied music to Peri's opera, published this ver...
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