Year 1652 (MDCLII) was a leap year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Thursday of the 10-day slower Julian calendar.
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1652 in music
The year 1652 in music involved some significant events.
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William Christopher of Baden-Baden
Margrave William Christopher of Baden (born: 12 October 1628 in Baden-Baden; died: 25 August 1652) was a margrave of Baden and canon at Cologne.He is a son of Margrave William I of Baden-Baden from hi...
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Battle of Vezekény
The Battle of Vezekény (today: Veľké Vozokany, Slovakia, Hungarian: Nagyvezekény) occurred during the 17th century Ottoman Wars in Europe. It was a major Hungarian victory.Tamás Esterházy was kil...
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Great Oulu Fire of 1652
The Great Oulu Fire of 1652 was a conflagration that destroyed the majority of the young city of Oulu, Finland on 2 October. Almost all of the houses of the town’s bourgeoisie, the provision warehouse...
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1652 in archaeology
The decade of the 1650s in archaeology involved some significant events.
1652 in India
Events in the year 1652 in India.
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List of colonial governors in 1652
This is a list of the governors of colonies, protectorates, or other dependencies in 1652. Where applicable, native rulers are also listed.
Jørgen Ringnis
Jørgen Ringnis, also known as "Jørgen Billedsnider", (birth unknown, died 1652 in Nakskov) was a Danish woodcarver. He created a number of altarpieces and pulpits in Danish churches, especially on the...
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1652 in art
Events from the year 1652 in art.
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Camille d'Hostun, duc de Tallard
Camille d'Hostun de la Baume, duc de Tallard (14 February 1652 – 20 March 1728) was a French noble, diplomat and military commander, who became Marshal of France.
Tallard was granted a commission ...
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1652 in science
The year 1652 in science and technology involved some significant events.
Francesco Pignatelli
Francesco Pignatelli (February 6, 1652 – December 15, 1734) was an Italian cardinal.Born at Senise, in the province of Potenza, he entered the order of Theatines in 1665. On September 27, 1684 he was ...
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