1652 in England
Events from the year 1652 in the Commonwealth of England.
Battle of Dungeness
The naval Battle of Dungeness took place on 30 November 1652 (10 December Gregorian calendar), during the First Anglo-Dutch War near the cape of Dungeness in Kent.
In September 1652 the English g...
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Act for the Settlement of Ireland 1652
The Act for the Settlement of Ireland imposed penalties including death and land confiscation against participants and bystanders of the Irish Rebellion of 1641 and subsequent unrest.
The act was ...
Siege of Barcelona (1651)
The Siege of Barcelona took place between July 1651 and October 1652 during the Catalan Revolt when a large Spanish army descended on Barcelona and besieged the garrison made up of Catalans and French...
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Battle of Batih
The Battle of Batih (Batoh) was a battle in 1652 in which Polish forces under Marcin Kalinowski were defeated by a united army of Crimean Tatars and Ukrainian Cossacks. Polish leaders who were killed ...
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Battle of Plymouth
4°12′36″W / 49.964°N 4.210°W / 49.964; -4.210The Battle of Plymouth was a naval battle in the First Anglo-Dutch War. It took place on 16 August 1652 (26 August 1652 (Gregorian...
Great Oulu Fire of 1652
The Great Oulu Fire of 1652 was a conflagration that destroyed the majority of the young city of Oulu, Finland on 2 October. Almost all of the houses of the town’s bourgeoisie, the provision warehouse...
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1652 in Ireland
Events from the year 1652 in Ireland.
1652 in Denmark
Events from the year 1652 in Denmark.
Battle of Goodwin Sands
1°30′29″E / 51.274°N 1.508°E / 51.274; 1.508The naval Battle of Goodwin Sands (also known as the Battle of Dover), fought on 19 May 1652 (29 May 1652 Gregorian calendar), was...
Battle of Bléneau
The Battle of Bléneau was a battle of the Second Fronde fought on April 7, 1652, near Bléneau in France between the armies of the rebel Louis II de Bourbon, Prince de Condé and the Royalist Henri de l...
Battle of the Kentish Knock
The Battle of the Kentish Knock (or the Battle of the Zealand Approaches) was a naval battle between the fleets of the Dutch Republic and England, fought on 28 September 1652 (8 October Gregorian cale...
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Battle of Vezekény
The Battle of Vezekény (today: Veľké Vozokany, Slovakia, Hungarian: Nagyvezekény) occurred during the 17th century Ottoman Wars in Europe. It was a major Hungarian victory.Tamás Esterházy was kil...
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