Treaty of Preobrazhenskoye
The Treaty of Preobrazhenskoye (or the Treaty of Preobrazhenskoe) was negotiated by Johann Patkul and signed on 22 November 1699 in Preobrazhenskoye (now a part of Moscow), a favoured residence of the...
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Wool Act 1699
The Wool Act of 1699 (also known as the Woolens Act)is an Act of the Parliament of England (11 Will. III c. 13) which attempted to heighten taxation and increase control over colonial trade and produc...
Treaty of Dresden (1699)
The Treaty of Dresden was concluded on 14 September 1699, preparing the Great Northern War. Augustus the Strong allied with Frederik IV of Denmark-Norway against Charles XII of Sweden.
Treaty of Karlowitz
The Treaty of Karlowitz was signed on 26 January 1699 in Sremski Karlovci, in modern-day Serbia, concluding the Austro-Ottoman War of 1683–97 in which the Ottoman side had been defeated at the Battle ...
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