Selim I
Selim I (Ottoman Turkish: سليم اوّل, Modern Turkish: I.Selim or Yavuz Sultan Selim), nicknamed Yavuz (traditionally translated as "grim," but closer to "stern" or "implacable" in meaning) (October 10,...
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Al-Mustamsik (Arabic: المستمسك بالله‎) was an Abbasid caliph based in Cairo, Egypt under the tutelage of the Mamluk sultans. He served as caliph twice (1497–1508; 1516–1517).
Mehmed III
Mehmed III Adli (Ottoman Turkish: محمد ثالث Meḥmed-i sālis, Turkish: III.Mehmed; May 26, 1566 – December 21/22, 1603) was sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1595 until his death.
Mehmed III rem...
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Bayezid II
Bayezid II or Sultân Bayezid-î Velî (December 3, 1447 – May 26, 1512) (Ottoman Turkish: بايزيد ثانى Bāyezīd-i sānī, Turkish:II. Bayezid or II. Beyazıt) was the eldest son and successor of Mehmed ...
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Suleiman the Magnificent
Suleiman I (Ottoman Turkish: سلطان سليمان اول‎, Turkish: I. Süleyman or Kanunî Sultan Süleyman), known as “the Magnificent” in the West and “Kanuni” (the Lawgiver) in the East, (6 Novemb...
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Al-Mutawakkil III
Al-Mutawakkil III (Arabic: المتوكل على الله الثالث‎) (died 1543) was caliph from 1508 to 1516, and again in 1517. He was the last caliph of the later, Egyptian-based period of the Abbasid dy...
Murad III
Murad III (Ottoman Turkish: مراد ثالث Murād-i sālis, Turkish:III.Murat) (4 July 1546 – 15/16 January 1595) was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1574 until his death in 1595.
Born in Bozdağan...
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Selim II
Selim II (Ottoman Turkish: سليم ثانى Selīm-i sānī, Turkish:II.Selim; 28 May 1524 – 12 December/15 December 1574), also known as "Selim the Sot (Mest)" in west and as "Sarı Selim" (Selim the Blond) in ...
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