Khan al-Harir
Khan al-Harir (Arabic: خان الحرير‎; The Silk Khan) is a large khan in the Old City of Damascus.
Darwish Pasha Mosque
The Darwish Pasha Mosque (Arabic: جامع درويش باشا‎, transliteration: Jami Darwish Pasha, Turkish: Derviş Paşa Camii) is a 16th-century mosque in Damascus, Syria. The mosque was erected i...
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Battle of Marj Dabiq
37°16′22″E / 36.542398°N 37.272908°E / 36.542398; 37.272908The Battle of Marj Dābiq (Arabic: مرج دابق‎, meaning "the meadow of Dābiq"; Turkish: Mercidabık Muhare...
Damascus Eyalet
Damascus Eyalet (Ottoman Turkish: ایالت شام; Eyālet-i Šām) was an eyalet of the Ottoman Empire. Its reported area in the 19th century was 20,020 square miles (51,900 km).It became an eyalet a...
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1517 Hebron pogrom
1517 Hebron attacks occurred in the final phases of the 1513-17 Ottoman–Mamluk War, when Turkish Ottomans had ousted the Mamluks and taken Palestine. The massacre targeted the Jewish population of the...
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Al-Sibaiyah Madrasa
Al-Sibaiyah Madrasa or Jami al-Jawami (Arabic: المدرسة السباعية‎) is a 16th-century madrasah complex in Damascus, Syria.
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Al-Salimiyah Madrasa
36°17′32″E / 33.51250°N 36.29222°E / 33.51250; 36.29222Al-Salimiyah Madrasa (Arabic: المدرسة السليمية‎) is a 16th-century madrasah that houses the Tekkiye Mosque, bu...
Hayyim ben Joseph Vital
Hayyim ben Joseph Vital (רבי חיים ויטל) Safed, October 11, 1542 – Damascus, 23 April 1620) was a rabbi in Safed and the foremost disciple of Isaac Luria. He recorded much of his master's teachin...