1787 in France
Events from the year 1787 in France.
Assembly of Notables
The Assembly of Notables (Fr Assemblée des notables) was a group of high-ranking nobles, ecclesiastics, and state functionaries having deliberative powers, convened by the King of France on extraordin...
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Treaty of Versailles (1787)
The Versailles Treaty of 1787 (French:Traité de Versailles de 1787) was a treaty of alliance signed between the French king Louis XVI and the Vietnamese Prince Nguyễn Ánh, the future Emperor Gia Long....
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Edict of Versailles
The Edict of Versailles, commonly known as the Edict of Tolerance, was an official act that gave non-Catholics in France the right to openly practice their religions as well as legal and civil status,...
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The vingtième ([vɛ̃tjɛm], twentieth) was an income tax of the ancien régime in France. It was abolished during the French Revolution.
It was first proposed by the minister of finance, Jean-Baptist...
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Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon
The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon is a museum of fine arts opened in 1787 in Dijon, France. It is housed in the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy in the historic center of Dijon.
Being one of the ol...
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