1792 in Denmark
Events from the year 1792 in Denmark.
Royal Horse Guards Barracks (Copenhagen)
The Royal Horse Guards Barracks (Danish: Hestegardekassernen), at 26 Frederiksholms Kanal in Copenhagen, Denmark, served as barracks for the Royal Horse Guards from 1792 until 1866. The building is l...
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Det Classenske Fideicommis
Det Classenske Fideicommis (literally "The Classen Fideicommiss") is a Danish charitable foundation. By testament in 1789 and his codicil of March 23, 1792, the industrialist Major General Johan Frede...
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Classen Library
The Classen Library (Danish: Det Classenske Bibliotek) was a public library in Copenhagen, Denmark, created from the private book collection of Johan Frederik Classen at the time of his death in 1792....
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1792 in Norway
Events in the year 1792 in Norway.