1856 elections
1856 election may refer to:
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Colony of Tasmania
The Colony of Tasmania (more commonly referred to simply as "Tasmania") was a British colony that existed on the island of Tasmania from 1856 until 1901, when it federated together with the five other...
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Florida Department
Florida ([floˈɾiða]) is a department of Uruguay. Its capital is Florida. It is located in the south of the central part of the country with Durazno Department to its north, the departments of Treinta ...
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Jefferson County, Nebraska
Jefferson County is a county located in the U.S. state of Nebraska. As of the 2010 census, the population was 7,547. Its county seat is Fairbury. The county was named in honor of Thomas Jefferson, thi...
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List of colonial governors in 1856
This is a list of the governors of colonies, protectorates, or other dependencies in 1856. Where applicable, native rulers are also listed.
Yeke Kingdom
The Yeke Kingdom (also called the Garanganze or Garenganze kingdom) of the Garanganze people in Katanga, DR Congo was short-lived, existing from about 1856 to 1891 under one king, Msiri, but it became...
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South African Republic
The South African Republic (Dutch: Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek, ZAR), often referred to as the Transvaal and sometimes as the Republic of Transvaal, was an independent and internationally...
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Sultanate of Zanzibar
The Sultanate of Zanzibar (Arabic: سلطنة زنجبار‎), also known as the Zanzibar Sultanate, refers to the territories over which His Highness the Sultan of Zanzibar was the sovereign. ...
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Liberal Party of Corrientes
The Liberal Party of Corrientes (Spanish: Partido Liberal de Corrientes) is a liberal conservative provincial political party in Corrientes Province, Argentina. Founded in 1856, it is the oldest p...
Sewell Ministry, 1856
The Sewell Ministry was the first responsible government in New Zealand. It formed in 1856, but lasted only one month, from 18 April to 20 May. From 7 May onwards, Henry Sewell was Colonial Secretary,...
Lincoln's Lost Speech
The speech known as Abraham Lincoln's "Lost Speech" was given at the Bloomington Convention on May 29, 1856, in Bloomington, Illinois. Traditionally regarded as lost because it was so engaging that re...
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Nataqua Territory
The Nataqua Territory was a short lived and unofficial territory of the United States. It consisted of a portion of what is now northeastern California and northwestern Nevada, centered on Susanville...
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Isabela (province)
Isabela is the second largest province of the Philippines, and the largest in the island of Luzon. Its capital is the city of Ilagan. Situated within the Cagayan Valley region, it is bordered by the p...
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Congress of Paris (1856)
The Congress of Paris was a peace conference held in Paris, France, in 1856, between representatives of the great powers in Europe to make peace after the almost three-year-long Crimean War.
The C...
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Caning of Charles Sumner
On May 22, 1856, in the United States Congress, Representative Preston Brooks attacked Senator Charles Sumner with his walking cane in retaliation for a speech given by Sumner two days earlier. The be...
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List of state leaders in 1856
This is a list of heads of state, government leaders, and other rulers in the year 1856.
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