Stepan Nechayev
Stepan Dmitriyevich Nechayev (Russian: Степа́н Дми́триевич Неча́ев; 1792–1860) was a Procurator of the Most Holy Synod and a senator. Nechayev was the first one to study the materials about the Ku...
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John Hardeman Walker
John Hardeman Walker (March 3, 1794 – April 30, 1860) was an early landowner in southeast Missouri, most famous for convincing the United States Congress to place the Bootheel in Missouri instead of A...
John L. Robinson
John Larne Robinson (May 3, 1813 - March 21, 1860) was a U.S. Representative from Indiana.Born near Maysville, Kentucky, Robinson attended the public schools.He moved to Rush County, Indiana.He engage...
Edward Hawker
Edward Hawker (7 November 1782 – 8 June 1860) was an officer of the Royal Navy who served during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.Born the son of a naval officer in 1782, Edward Hawke...
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William A. Palmer
William Adams Palmer (September 12, 1781 – December 3, 1860) was an American politician, a lawyer, an Anti-Mason, thirteenth Governor of Vermont, and a US Senator from Vermont.
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Philippe Le Bas
Philippe Le Bas (18 June 1794, Paris - 19 May 1860, Paris) was a French hellenist, archaeologist and translator. He was the son of Philippe Le Bas and Elisabeth Duplay, the daughter of Robespierre's l...
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Louis Catherin Servant
Louis Catherin Servant (1808–1860) was a notable New Zealand priest and missionary. He was born in Grezieu-le-Marché, France in 1808.
William Forbes Raymond
William Forbes Raymond (born William Forbes) was Archdeacon of Northumberland from 1842 to 1853.The only son of Lieuttenant-Colonel William Forbes, Deputy Adjutant-General to the Forces in Ireland, h...
David Hudson (New York)
David Hudson (August 23, 1782 Dutchess County, New York - January 12, 1860 Geneva, Ontario County, New York) was an American lawyer, writer and politician from New York.
He was the son of Asa Huds...
Constance Kent
Constance Emily Kent (6 February 1844 – 10 April 1944) was an English woman who confessed to a notorious child murder that took place when she was sixteen years old. The Constance Kent case in 1865 ra...
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David de Aaron de Sola
David de Aaron de Sola or David Aaron de Sola (1796 – 1860) (Hebrew: דוד אהרן די סולה) was a rabbi and author, born in Amsterdam, the son of Aaron de Sola. When but eleven years of age he enter...
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John Swaine
John Swaine (26 June 1775 – 25 November 1860), was an English draughtsman and engraver.
Swaine was born at Stanwell, Middlesex, on 26 June 1775, the son of John and Margaret Swaine, and became a p...
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Johann Gottfried Ludwig Kosegarten
Johann Gottfried Ludwig Kosegarten (10 September 1792, Altenkirchen – 18 August 1860, Greifswald) was a German orientalist born in Altenkirchen on the island of Rügen. He was the son of ecclesiastic L...
Karl Ballenberger
Karl Ballenberger was a German painter.
Ballenberger was born at Ansbach in 1801. He went to Munich as a stonemason in 1831, where he was instructed in drawing by Friedrich Hoffstadt, a collector ...
Benjamin White (Maine politician)
Benjamin White (May 13, 1790 - June 7, 1860) was a U.S. Representative from Maine.Born in Goshen (now Vienna), Maine, White attended the common schools.He moved to Winthrop, Maine, in 1802 and was emp...
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Pierre-Julien Gilbert
Pierre-Julien Gilbert (1783 in Brest – 1860 in Brest) was a French painter who specialised in naval scenes.Gilbert was a pupil of Pierre Ozanne and Louis-Philippe Crépin. He taught painting at t...
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Arthur Moyses William Hill, 2nd Baron Sandys
Lieutenant-General Arthur Moyses William Hill, 2nd Baron Sandys (10 January 1792 – 16 July 1860), styled as Lord Arthur Hill until 1836, was an Anglo-Irish soldier and politician.
Hill was the sec...
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Nicolas Roret
Nicolas-Edme Roret (29 May 1797 Vendeuvre-sur-Barse Département – 18 June 1860, Paris) was a French editor and publisher known for an important series of manuals (Manuels) and encyclopaedias.
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Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer zu Gleifheim
Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer zu Gleifheim (b. at Bozen (Bolzano), 15 February 1777; d. at Trento, 3 December 1860) was an Austrian Catholic Bishop of Trent. Directly after his death he was honoured a...
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George Edward Wales
George Edward Wales (May 13, 1792 - January 8, 1860) was an American politician from Vermont. He served as a U.S. Representative from Vermont.
Wales was born in Westminster, Vermont and attended t...
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David Eduard Steiner
David Eduard Steiner (7 April 1811, Winterthur - 5 April 1860 also in Winterthur) was a Swiss painter.He began studying painting under his father and continued his studies in 1829 at the Munich Academ...
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Betsi Cadwaladr
Betsi Cadwaladr (24 May 1789 – 17 July 1860), also known as Beti Cadwaladr and Betsi Davis, worked as a nurse in the Crimean War alongside Florence Nightingale, although their different social b...
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Narcisse Girard
Narcisse Girard (28 January 1797 – 16 January 1860) was a French violinist, conductor and composer.Girard was born in Nantes. A pupil of Pierre Baillot (violin, winning first prize in ...
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William Hutton (1797–1860)
William Hutton (1797–1860) was a British geologist.
Hutton was born 26 July 1797 in Sunderland, but was settled in Newcastle-on-Tyne by 1827. He was an agent of the Norwich Fire Insurance Company....
George Simpson (administrator)
Sir George Simpson (1786 or 1787 or 1792 – 7 September 1860) was the Canadian governor of the Hudson's Bay Company during the period of its greatest power. During this period (1820-1860) he was ...
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Antoine Maurin (painter)
Antoine Maurin (Perpignan, 5 November 1793 - Paris, 21 September 1860) was a French lithographer.He was the son of Pierre Maurin, and brother to Nicolas-Eustache Maurin.
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Henry Drummond (1786–1860)
Henry Drummond (5 December 1786 – 20 February 1860), English banker, politician and writer, best known as one of the founders of the Catholic Apostolic or Irvingite Church.
He was born at The Gra...
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Alexandre Ferdinand Parseval-Deschenes
Alexandre Ferdinand Parseval-Deschenes (27 November 1790 - 10 June 1860) was a French admiral and senator.
Born in Paris to an aristocratic family, Alexandre was the nephew of the mathematician Ma...
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George Roberts (antiquary)
George Roberts (died 1860) was an English schoolmaster and antiquary.
Roberts was born at Lyme Regis in Dorset, where he was mainly educated. He then kept a grammar school there in Broad Street, H...