Edward Wix
Ven. Edward Wix (1802–1866) was an English clergyman best known as an Anglican missionary in Canada.
The eldest son of Samuel Wix, he graduated from Trinity College, Oxford.
Harriet Ludlow Clarke
Harriet Ludlow Clarke (died January 19, 1866) was a wood engraver and stained glass artist.
Harriet Ludlow Clarke was the fourth daughter of Edward Clarke, a London solicitor. Around 1837 she star...
John Hind (mathematician)
John Hind (1796–1866), was an English mathematician.
Hind was born in Cumberland in 1796, entered St. John's College, Cambridge, as a sizar, on 2 February 1813, but was elected to a scholarship in...
John Mason (outlaw)
John Mason, (? - 1866), with Jim Henry, was one of the leaders of the Mason Henry Gang organized by secessionist Judge George Gordon Belt, that posed as Confederate partisan rangers but acted as outla...
Frederik Christian Funck
Frederik Christian Funck (August 30, 1783 – December 2, 1866) was a Danish cellist and composer.
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Henry St. Hill
Henry St. Hill (1807–1866) was a member of the New Zealand Legislative Council from 31 December 1853 to 18 March 1856, when he resigned.He was from Wellington.
Hermann Goldschmidt
Hermann Mayer Salomon Goldschmidt (June 17, 1802 – April 26, 1866) was a German-French astronomer and painter who spent much of his life in France. He started out as a painter, but after attending a l...
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Ebenezer Doan
Ebenezer Doan, Jr. (1772–1866) was the Master Builder or architect-contractor in charge of designing and building the Sharon Temple, a National Historic Site of Canada. Doan was a highly accomplished ...
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Camille-Melchior Gibert
Camille-Melchior Gibert (1797–1866) was a French dermatologist who was a native of Paris. He was an intern to Laurent-Théodore Biett (1781–1840), and later a physician at the Hôpital Saint-Louis in Pa...
Mikhail Petrashevsky
Mikhail Vasilyevich Butashevich-Petrashevsky, commonly known as Mikhail Petrashevsky (Russian: Михаил Васильевич Буташевич-Петрашевский) (13 November [O.S. 1 November] 1821–19 De...
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Johannes Enschedé III
Johannes Enschedé III (7 March 1785 in Haarlem – 8 October 1866 in Haarlem) was a Haarlem newspaper editor and printer.
He was the great grandson of the founder of the Joh. Enschedé company,...
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David Hay (artist)
David Ramsay Hay FRSE (March, 1798, Edinburgh -10 September 1866) was a Scottish artist, interior decorator and colour theorist.David Ramsay Hay was the son of a published poet and friend of Robert Bu...
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Henry Arthur Herbert (1815–1866)
Colonel Henry Arthur Herbert PC (1815 – 26 February 1866), was an Anglo-Irish politician in the Parliament of the United Kingdom.
Herbert was a Member of Parliament (MP) for Kerry from 1847 until ...
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Roualeyn George Gordon-Cumming
Roualeyn George Gordon-Cumming (March 15, 1820 – March 24, 1866) was a Scottish traveller and sportsman, known as the "lion hunter". He was the second son of William Gordon Gordon-Cumming, 2nd Baronet...
Varvara Annenkova
Varvara Nikolaevna Annenkova (Russian: Варва́ра Никола́евна Анненко́ва; [vɐrˈvarə nʲɪkɐˈlajɪvnə ɐnʲɪnˈkovə]; 1795 in Nizhny Novgorod - 1866) was a prominent Russian poet and member of the nobility...
Alessandro Torlonia, 2nd Prince di Civitella-Cesi
Don Alessandro Raffaele Torlonia (January 1, 1800 – February 7, 1886) was an Italian nobleman of the House of Torlonia, titled Duca di Ceri, Prince di Fucino. He was the second Prince of Civitella-C...
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Calvin Fletcher
Calvin Fletcher (February 4, 1798 – May 26, 1866) was an attorney, banker, farmer, landowner, and state legislator from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. In 1821 Fletcher moved from Vermont to the...
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George Ord
George Ord (1781—January 24, 1866) was an American ornithologist.Ord was born in Philadelphia. His father (also named George) was a rope maker and Ord joined him in the business, continuing after hi...
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John Hall Maxwell
John Hall Maxwell (1812–1866) was a Scottish agriculturist.
Maxwell, eldest son of William Maxwell of Dargavel, Renfrewshire, who died in 1847, by Mary, eldest daughter of John Campbell of Possil,...
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John Motley Morehead
John Motley Morehead (July 4, 1796 – August 27, 1866) was the 29th Governor of the U.S. state of North Carolina from 1841 to 1845. He is known as "the Father of Modern North Carolina."Born in Pittsylv...
Augustus Addison Gould
Augustus Addison Gould (April 23, 1805, New Ipswich, New Hampshire – September 15, 1866, Boston) was an American conchologist and malacologist.
Born in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, he was the ...
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Nicolas Lefrançois
Nicolas Lefrançois (November 2, 1794 – February 22, 1866) was a land surveyor and political figure in Lower Canada. He represented Montmorency in the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada from 18...
William Macpherson (bureaucrat)
William Macpherson of Blairgowrie (26 August 1784 - 13 March 1866), a Deputy Lieutenant of Perthshire, Scotland, Clerk of the New South Wales Legislative Council, was born in Barrackpore, India. He wa...
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John Dunn (bushranger)
John Dunn (14 December 1846 – 19 March 1866) was an Australian bushranger. He was born at Murrumburrah near Yass, New South Wales. He was 19 years old when he was hanged in Darlinghurst Gaol. H...
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Adolphe Jean-Baptiste Bayot
Adolphe Jean-Baptiste Bayot (1810 - 1866), was a French lithographic artist.
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Solomon Foot
Solomon Foot (November 19, 1802 – March 28, 1866) was a United States Senator from Vermont.
Foot was born on November 19, 1802 in Cornwall, Vermont. He was the son of Dr. Solomon a...
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James Ivory, Lord Ivory
James Ivory, Lord Ivory (1792 – 1866), was a Scottish judge.The son of Thomas Ivory, watchmaker and engraver, he was born in Dundee on 29 February 1792. Sir James Ivory the mathematician was his uncl...
Nikolai Brashman
Nikolai Dmitrievich Brashman (Russian: Николáй Дми́триевич Брáшман; German: Nikolaus Braschmann; June 14 New Style, 1796 – May 13 Old Style, 1866) was a Russian mathematician of Austrian...
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Jean-Louis Jaley
Jean-Louis Nicolas Jaley (born in Paris in 1802, died in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1866) was a French sculptor.He was the pupil of his father Louis Jaley and Pierre Cartellier. In 1827, he won - together w...
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William Anderson (Scottish writer)
William Anderson (1805–1866) was a Scottish miscellaneous writer.
Anderson was born in Edinburgh 10 December 1805. His father was supervisor of excise at Oban, and his mother the daughter of John ...