Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World; French: La Liberté éclairant le monde) is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in New York City, in the United ...
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Kandalakshskaya Volost
Kandalakshskaya Volost (Russian: Кандала́кшская во́лость) was an administrative division (a volost) over time included into various administrative divisions of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Russian E...
Third Gladstone ministry
The Third Gladstone Ministry was one of the most short-lived ministries in British history. It was led by William Ewart Gladstone, from February 1886 until August of that same year.
The Liberal Pa...
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Kingdom of Tavolara
The Kingdom of Tavolara was an imaginary state claiming independence in the 19th and 20th centuries in Tavolara Island, off the northeast coast of Sardinia. Set up by the Bertoleoni family, i...
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Socialist Union (UK)
The Socialist Union was a British political party active from February 1886 to 1888.The group was formed by socialists around C. L. Fitzgerald who left the Social Democratic Federation (SDF) in protes...
Villarino Partido
Villarino Partido is a partido in the south of Buenos Aires Province in Argentina.The provincial subdivision has a population of about 26,500 inhabitants in an area of 11,400 km (4,402 sq&#...
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Sultanate of Bambao
The Sultanate of Bambao was a state on the island of Grande Comore. Its capital was the town of Iconi. In 1886, Sultan Said Ali bin Said Omar of Bambao united the sultanates of Grand Comore into the s...
Labour Electoral Association
The Labour Electoral Association was a political organisation in the United Kingdom which aimed to get working men elected to Parliament.
The issue of political representation for workers had beco...
National Party (Colombia)
National Party (Spanish: Partido Nacional, PN) was a Colombian nationalist political party. The Party was established in 1886 and dissolved in 1902.
Tolima Department
Tolima is one of the 32 departments of Colombia, located in the Andean region, in the center-west of the country. It is bordered on the north and the west by the department of Caldas; on the east by t...
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Liberal Unionist Party
The Liberal Unionist Party was a British political party that was formed in 1886 by a faction that broke away from the Liberal Party. Led by Lord Hartington (later the Duke of Devonshire) and Joseph C...
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Klein Vrystaat
Klein Vrystaat (Afrikaans: Little Free State) was a short-lived Boer republic in what is now South Africa.
From around 1876, a group of Boers lived on land bought from the Swazi king Mbandzeni...
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Sheffield Socialist Society
The Sheffield Socialist Society was an early revolutionary socialist organisation in Sheffield, England.The Society was founded in 1886 on the initiative of Edward Carpenter. Carpenter was influenced...
List of state leaders in 1886
This is a list of heads of state, government leaders, and other rulers in the year 1886.
Aden Protectorate
The Aden Protectorate (Arabic: محمية عدن‎ Maḥmiyyat ‘Adan) was a British protectorate in southern Arabia which evolved in the hinterland of the port of Aden and in the Hadramaut following th...
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First Salisbury ministry
The First Salisbury Ministry was formed by the Marquess of Salisbury in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in July 1885, and lasted until February 1886.
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Kingdom of Gomma
The Kingdom of Gomma was one of the kingdoms in the Gibe region of Ethiopia that emerged in the 18th century. It was based in Agaro.
Gomma shared its northern border with Limmu-Ennarea, its wester...
Second Salisbury ministry
The Second Salisbury Ministry was formed in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland by the Marquess of Salisbury on 25 July 1886, after the 1886 general election.
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