Radical League
The Radical League (in Dutch: Radicale Bond) was a Dutch progressive liberal political party. The league is historically linked with the PvdA.
In November 1892 one of the Amsterdam caucuses of the...
List of state leaders in 1892
This is a list of heads of state, government leaders, and other rulers in the year 1892.
52nd United States Congress
The Fifty-second United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the United States Senate and the United States House of Represent...
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Hawaiian National Liberal Party
In 1892, the Hawaiian National Liberal Party (Aoao Lahui Hawaii Liberala in the Hawaiian) also known as the National Liberal Party of the Hawaiian Kingdom (generally known as just the "Liberal Party"...
International monetary conferences
The international monetary conferences were a series of assemblies held in the second half of the 19th century. They were held with a view to reaching agreement on matters relating to international re...
Polish Socialist Party
The Polish Socialist Party (Polish: Polska Partia Socjalistyczna, PPS) is a left-wing Polish political party, it was one of the most important parties in Poland from its inception in 1892 until it...
Second Salisbury ministry
The Second Salisbury Ministry was formed in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland by the Marquess of Salisbury on 25 July 1886, after the 1886 general election.
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Italian Socialist Party
The Italian Socialist Party (Italian: Partito Socialista Italiano, PSI) was a socialist and later social-democratic political party in Italy founded in Genoa in 1892.Once the dominant leftist par...
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List of colonial governors in 1892
This is a list of the governors of colonies, protectorates, or other dependencies in 1892. Where applicable, native rulers are also listed.
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1892 vote of no confidence against the government of the Marquess of Salisbury
The 1892 vote of no confidence against the government of the Marquess of Salisbury occurred when the Conservative Party government of Robert Cecil, the Marquess of Salisbury decided to meet Parliament...
1892 vote of no confidence against the government of the Marquess of Salisbury - Wikipedia
Belfast Labour Party
The Belfast Labour Party was a political party in Belfast, Ireland from 1892 until 1924.The first socialist party in Ireland, it was founded in 1892 by a conference of Belfast Independent Labour activ...
4th Canadian Ministry
The Fourth Canadian Ministry was the cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Sir John Abbott. It governed Canada from 16 June 1891 to 24 November 1892, including only a year and a half in the middle of the...
Civic Union Party
Civic Union Party (Spanish: Partido Unión Cívica) was a political party in Peru. It was founded in 1892 by Mariano Nicolás Valcárcel.
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Gilbert and Ellice Islands
The Gilbert and Ellice Islands were a British protectorate from 1892 and colony from 1916 until 1 January 1976, when the islands were divided into two colonies which became independent nations shortly...
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Liberal Government 1892–95
In the 1892 general election, the Conservative Party, led by Lord Salisbury, won the most seats but not an overall majority. As a result, William Ewart Gladstone's Liberal Party formed a minority gove...
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Silver Party
The Silver Party was a political party in the United States, most successful in Nevada, active from 1892-1911. The party supported a platform of bimetallism and "Free Silver."In 1892 the several Silve...