1908 American Grand Prize
The 1908 Grand Prize of the Automobile Club of America took place at Savannah, Georgia on November 26, 1908.
Louis Wagner won the closely contested race in his Fiat finishing less than a minute ah...
1908 French Grand Prix
The 1908 French Grand Prix was a Grand Prix motor race held at Dieppe on 7 July 1908.
The race was run under a new formula agreed in Ostend in 1907. There was no fuel consumption limit, but the ca...
1908 Circuito di Bologna
The 1908 circuito di Bologna 1908 was a car race.
The path chosen by the organizers, the first of which industrialist and owner Vincenzo jr. Florio, wound for 52 km. roads entirely flat, wit...
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1908 Grand Prix season
The 1908 Grand Prix season was the third Grand Prix racing season.
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1908 Isle of Man TT
The 1908 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motorcycle races took place on the Short Course (St John's, Ballacraine, Kirk Michael. Peel, St John's).
22 September 1908 – 10 laps (158 ⅛ miles) St John's Sho...
1908 New York to Paris Race
The 1908 New York to Paris Race was an automobile competition consisting of drivers attempting to travel from New York to Paris. This was a considerable challenge given the state of automobile technol...
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