Romain de Tiroff - Erte
Romain de Tirtoff (23 November 1892 – 21 April 1990) was a Russian-born French artist and designer known by the pseudonym Erté, from the French pronunciation of his initials. He was a diversely talent...
Fanny Crosby
This is the amazing biography of the blind hymn writer, Fanny Crosby. As the writer of more than 10000 hymns, all penned after the age of 40, she is credite...
Alexander Scriabin
Hi! I will start with uploading new videos from now on. This is our Horowitz playing scriabin 8/12...and...well...yeah have a look :p.
Alexander Scriabin
Alexander Scriabin plays Etude Op.8 No.12 Welte-Mignon recording Faure plays Faure
Konstantin Makovsky
For best quality: Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky (Russian: Константин Егорович Маковский; June 20 [O.S. Jul...
John White Alexander
Music: Phantasms Of Love (Wojciech Kilar)
Scriabin plays Scriabin - YouTube
Apr 22, 2007 ... Alexander Scriabin plays Etude Op.8 No.12 Welte-Mignon recording Faure plays Faure
Mysterium - Alexander Scriabin - YouTube
Jan 30, 2010 ... My homage to the awesomely megalomaniac and genius composer Alexander Scriabin who started out as a romantic and ended as a unique ...
Alexander Scriabin - Towards the flame
Vladimir Horowitz playing Vers la Flamme (Toward the Flame) by Alexander Scriabin.
Alexander Scriabin - Etude No. 12 (Skriabin at the piano)
Alexander Scriabin plays Etude Op.8 No.12 Welte-Mignon recording Faure plays Faure
Alexander Scriabin - Etude No. 2
Pogorelich plays: -Scriabin Etude Op. 8 No. 2 (Beautiful dramatic piece) -Scriabin Deux Poemes.
Swami Pāndurangāshram( Devanagari: पाण्डुरङगाश्रम्, Pan.du.ran.gā.śram) was the eighth guru of the Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin community(Head of the community) for 52 years, from 1863 to 1915 (the long...
Pandurangashram - Wikipedia
Ida Aalberg
Ida Aalberg (4 December 1857 – 17 January 1915) was the most notable and internationally known Finnish actress of her time.
Aalberg was born in Tervakoski, Janakkala. She was a member of the Thea...
Ida Aalberg - Wikipedia
Virginie Amélie Avegno Gautreau
Virginie Amélie Avegno Gautreau (née Avegno, 29 January 1859–25 July 1915) was born in New Orleans but grew up from the age of eight in France, where she became a Parisian socialite known for her beau...
Virginie Amélie Avegno Gautreau - Wikipedia
William Wallace Denslow
William Wallace "W. W." Denslow (May 25, 1856 – May 27, 1915) was an American illustrator and caricaturist remembered for his work in collaboration with author L. Frank Baum, especially his illu...
William Wallace Denslow - Wikipedia
William Joseph Hynes
William Joseph Hynes (March 31, 1843 - April 2, 1915) was a U.S. Representative from Arkansas.He was born in Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland on March 31, 1843. His family immigrated to the United State...
William Joseph Hynes - Wikipedia
David Moody (politician)
David Moody (18 November 1834 - 4 May 1915) served three terms as a member of the South Australian House of Assembly for the Electoral district of Light. Moody was initially elected on 12 June 1878 to...
Juan Menéndez Pidal
Juan Menéndez Pidal (1861–1915) was a Spanish archivist, jurisconsult, historian, and poet, brother of Luis and Ramón Menéndez Pidal. He was long a director of the Archivo Histórico Nacional at...
John E. Leahy
John Egan Leahy was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly and the Wisconsin State Senate.
Leahy was born on February 15, 1842 in Dover, New Hampshire. He attended the University of Wisconsin...
Basil Maclear
Basil Maclear (1881–1915) was an Irish rugby international. He won eleven caps between 1905 and 1907. He was the grandson of Sir Thomas Maclear, Her Majesty's Astronomer in Cape Town, South Africa and...
Joseph Grant Beale
Joseph Grant Beale (March 26, 1839 – May 21, 1915) was a Republican U.S. Representative from the state of Pennsylvania.
Joseph G. Beale was born near Freeport, Pennsylvania, in Allegheny Cou...
Khwaja Salimullah
Nawab Sir Khwaja Salimullah Bahadur, GCIE, KCSI (1871–1915) was the fourth Nawab of Dhaka and one of the leading Muslim politicians during the British Raj. In the wake of partition of Bengal in 1905,h...
Khwaja Salimullah - Wikipedia
W. H. J. Grout
William Henry James Grout (1839–1915) was a pioneering inventor and manufacturer of bicycles. He patented the Grout Tension Bicycle in 1870 which introduced several innovations including hollow forks...
Eberhard Fraas
Eberhard Fraas (26 June 1862 – 6 March 1915) was a German scientist, geologist and paleontologist. He worked as a curator at the Stuttgarter Naturaliensammlung and discovered the dinosaurs of t...
Frederick Smallfield
Frederick Smallfield ARWS (1825 - 10 September 1915) was a Victorian English oil and watercolour artist, whose work shows a Pre-Raphaelite influence.Smallfield trained at the Royal Academy School...
Frederick Smallfield - Wikipedia