1923 in Brazilian football
The following article presents a summary of the 1923 football (soccer) season in Brazil, which was the 22nd season of competitive football in the country.
Final StageCorinthians declared as the Ca...
1923 Uruguayan Primera División of AUF
The Uruguayan Championship 1923 of AUF was the 23rd season of Uruguay's top-flight football league.
The tournament consisted of a two-wheel championship of all against all. It involved twelve team...
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1923 Paraguayan Primera División season
The 1923 season of the Paraguayan Primera División, the top category of Paraguayan football, was played by 10 teams. The national champions were Guaraní.
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1923 South American Championship
The seventh edition of the South American Championship was held in Montevideo, Uruguay from October 29 to December 2, 1923.The participating countries were Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Chi...
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1923 Santos FC season
The 1923 season was the twelfth season for Santos FC.
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1923 in Argentine football
1923 in Argentine football saw Boca Juniors win its 3rd title, the Asociación Argentina championship while San Lorenzo achieved its first title ever at the top division winning the Asociación Amateur ...