University of Königsberg
The University of Königsberg (German: Albertus-Universität Königsberg) was the university of Königsberg in East Prussia. It was founded in 1544 as second Protestant academy (after the University o...
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National Labour Organisation
The National Labour Organisation, also known as the National Labour Committee, was a British political group formed after the 1931 creation of the National Government to co-ordinate the efforts of th...
Gokoku-ji (Okinawa)
Gokoku-ji (護国寺, "Protection of the Nation Temple") is a Buddhist temple in Naha, Okinawa. Established in 1367, the temple served as a major national temple for the Okinawan kingdom of Chūzan and t...
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Brideville FC
Brideville F.C. is a defunct Irish football club that was from the Liberties area of Dublin. They played in the League of Ireland from 1925 until 1932 and from 1935 until 1943, reappearing for the 19...
Forde Ministry
The Forde Ministry was the thirty-second Australian Commonwealth ministry, and held office from 6 July 1945 to 13 July 1945.Australian Labor Party
Chilean Agrarian Party
The Agrarian Party was a political party in Chile, formed in 1931 and dissolved in 1945 to form the Agrarian Labor Party.
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Wantage railway station
Wantage Station is a closed stone and brick built station at Mill Street, Wantage in Oxfordshire, England on the Wantage Tramway line.
Formed in 1873 to link Wantage Road station with its terminus...
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Air Transport Auxiliary
The Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) was a British civilian organisation set up during the Second World War and Head Quartered at White Waltham Airfield that ferried new, repaired and damaged military ai...
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Burgschule (Königsberg)
The Burgschule or Oberrealschule auf der Burg was a secondary school (Oberrealschule) located originally in central Königsberg, Germany, and later in the suburban Amalienau quarter. It was the fourth ...
Ministry of War of Japan
The Army Ministry of Japan (陸軍省, Rikugun-shō), more popularly known as the Ministry of War of Japan, was cabinet-level ministry in the Empire of Japan charged with the administrative affairs o...
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Prince Demchugdongrub, commonly known as Prince De or De Wang, (8 February 1902 – 23 May 1966) was the leader of a Mongol independence movement in Inner Mongolia. He was the chairman of Mengjiang, a J...
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