1947 in film
The year 1947 in film involved some significant events.
The Root of All Evil (1947 film)
This is a 5 hrs. 10 min. documentary biography of Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi. All events and principles of Gandhi's life and thought are viewed as integrated pa...
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The Ghosts of Berkeley Square
The Ghosts of Berkeley Square is a 1947 British comedy film, directed by Vernon Sewell and starring Robert Morley and Felix Aylmer. The film is an adaptation of the novel No Nightingales by Caryl Br...
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The Road to Hollywood
The Road to Hollywood is a 1947 American film released by Astor Pictures that is a combination of several of Bing Crosby's Educational Pictures short subjects. The title was designed to exploit the ...
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Tweetie Pie
Tweetie Pie is a 1947 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Friz Freleng and produced by Warner Bros. Cartoons, depicting the first pairing of Tweety and Sylvester. Tweetie Pie won the Academy Award for...
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Monsieur Vincent
Monsieur Vincent is a 1947 French film about Vincent de Paul, the seventeenth century priest and charity worker. It depicts his struggle to help the poor in the face of obstacles such as the Black De...
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Desperate (film)
Desperate is a 1947 suspense film noir directed by Anthony Mann and featuring Steve Brodie, Audrey Long, Raymond Burr, Douglas Fowley, William Challee and Jason Robards.
Steve Randall (Brodie) is...
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The Romance of Rosy Ridge
The Romance of Rosy Ridge is a 1947 drama film about a rural community still bitterly divided in the aftermath of the American Civil War. It stars Van Johnson, Thomas Mitchell, and Janet Leigh in her...
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The Big Fix (1947 film)
The Big Fix is a 1947 film, directed by James Flood. It stars Sheila Ryan, James Brown and Regis Toomey.The story concerns the efforts of a crooked gambling ring to fix college basketball games. Thi...
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Hard Boiled Mahoney
Hard Boiled Mahoney is a 1947 film starring the comedy team of The Bowery Boys. It is the sixth film in the series.
Sach (Huntz Hall) just lost his job as an assistant to a private detective, bu...
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My Wild Irish Rose
My Wild Irish Rose is a 1947 film directed by David Butler. It stars Dennis Morgan and Arlene Dahl. It was nominated for an Academy Award in 1948.A fictionalized bio-pic of Chauncey Olcott, the film ...
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T-Men is a 1947 semidocumentary style film noir by director Anthony Mann and shot in black-and-white by noted noir cameraman John Alton. The production features Dennis O'Keefe, Mary Meade, Alfred R...
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Sepia Cinderella
Sepia Cinderella is a 1947 American musical race film directed by Arthur H. Leonard. The film is notable for musical numbers by vocalists Billy Daniels and Sheila Guyse, and for a brief guest appeara...
Monsieur Verdoux
Monsieur Verdoux is a 1947 black comedy film directed by and starring Charles Chaplin, who plays a bigamist wife killer inspired by serial killer Henri Désiré Landru. The supporting cast includes Ma...
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Buck Privates Come Home
Buck Privates Come Home is a 1947 film starring the comedy team of Abbott and Costello. It is a sequel to their 1941 hit, Buck Privates.This film features the final film role for veteran actor Nat P...
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A Hare Grows in Manhattan
A Hare Grows In Manhattan is a 1947 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series, directed by Friz Freleng and starring Bugs Bunny and a pack a of bulldogs (one resembles Hector). Unlike many c...
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Desert Fury
Desert Fury is a 1947 Paramount Pictures color film noir drama directed by Lewis Allen and featuring Lizabeth Scott, John Hodiak and Burt Lancaster, with Mary Astor and Wendell Corey.The story was ad...
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Captain Boycott (film)
Captain Boycott is a 1947 British historical drama film directed by Frank Launder and starring Stewart Granger, Kathleen Ryan, Mervyn Johns, Alastair Sim and Cecil Parker. Robert Donat makes a cameo ...
High Wall
High Wall is a 1947 film noir, starring Robert Taylor, Audrey Totter and Herbert Marshall. It was directed by Curtis Bernhardt from a screenplay by Sydney Boehm and Lester Cole, based on a play by Al...
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A Thousand and One Nights with Toho
A Thousand and One Nights with Toho (東宝千一夜, Toho senichi-ya) is a 1947 black-and-white Japanese film directed by Kon Ichikawa.
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Dik Trom en zijn dorpsgenoten
Dik Trom en zijn dorpsgenoten is a 1947 Dutch film directed by Ernst Winar. The film was based on the popular children's book series Dik Trom by Cornelis Johannes Kieviet.There were several Dik Trom ...
Springtime in the Sierras
Springtime in the Sierras is a 1947 American film directed by William Witney and starring Roy Rogers.
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