1948 in North Korea
The following lists events that happened during 1948 in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Historic ride
When I first posted about this, in the wee hours of Sep 18, 2018, the only place I had seen the story was on 8Chan, and the video was an AP video. I had not seen any stories in the press....
2 Koreas to destroy 22 front-line guard posts by November
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The North and South Korean militaries agreed Friday to completely destroy 22 front-line guard posts by the end of November as they discussed their next steps in implementing ...
Free Markets on the Korean Peninsula
This is why free markets must be protected. 👉https://l.prageru.com/2H6BsTE
Remains of US war dead retrieved from North Korea, White House says | Fox News
Fifty-five cases containing what were believed to be the remains of U.S. servicemen killed during the Korean War were returned Friday, the White House said.
Trump: Pompeo on His Way Back from North Korea with 3 Released Prisoners
Three American prisoners in North Korea were reportedly released and heading home on Wednesday as leaders of the two nations prepare to meet for a potentially monumental peace summit.
North Korea reportedly hands Trump a win by releasing US prisoners
North Korea has released three Americans detained in the country, the Financial Times. That would meet some of the US's demands for North Korea to demonstrate s
U.S. Marines’ Portable Helicopters Were Too Crazy to Survive
Hiller Rotorcycles could fit inside an SUV — but weren’t fit for service
South Korea credits Trump for talks with North - CNN
South Korea's foreign minister has said she believes President Donald Trump is largely responsible for bringing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table.
North And South Korea Make History, Agree To Denuclearization
Kim Jong Un begins 'writing a new history' as the first North Korean leader to visit the South. “There will be no more war on the Korean peninsula and thus a new era of peace has begun,” said a joint ...
Up to 200 killed in tunnel collapse at NK nuclear test facility
200 people were reportedly killed when a tunnel at North Korea's mountainous test facility collapsed. Full story: https://www.rt.com/news/408327-north-korea-nuclear-tunnel-collapse-deaths/
I will be meeting with Kim Jong Un
I will be meeting with Kim Jong Un in the coming weeks to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and we will be doing everything possible to make it a worldwide success.
CNN Reporter in North Korea Left Speechless' By Nuclear Announcement
CNN Reporter in North Korea Left 'Speechless' By Nuclear Announcement: 'Huge Win For President Trump'
The US may send B-2 bombers and F-22 stealth jets to South Korea — a potential nightmare for Pyongyang
Defense officials at the highest levels of South Korea’s government told Yonhap News on Wednesday that the US would deploy “strategic assets” to the peninsula amid tensions with North Korea. “The US ...
North Korea's Foreign Minister assailed President Donald J. Trump
"None other than Trump himself is on a suicide mission." Moments ago at the United Nations, North Korea's Foreign Minister assailed President Donald J. Trump, warning that the American leader had...
"The President's speech this week was so...
"The President's speech this week was so important because it was manifestly not Barack Obama up there." On Americas Newsroom," John Bolton discussed President Donald J. Trump's response to North...
North Korean cuisine‎
Korean cuisine has evolved through centuries of social and political change. Originating from ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions in the Korean peninsula and southern Manchuria, Korean cuisine...
North Korean cuisine‎ - Wikipedia
Chongjin (청진시 Cheongjin-si [tɕʰʌŋdʑin ɕʰi]) is the capital of North Korea's North Hamgyong Province and the country's third largest city. It is sometimes called the City of Iron.
Chongjin was a sm...
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North Korea
David Pluth travels to North Korea and shows us this amazing country www.fotografx.biz.
Revolutionary martyr
The term revolutionary martyr usually relates to those dying in revolutionary struggle. This theme is as old as revolution itself but during the 20th Century was particularly developed in the culture...
Revolutionary martyr - Wikipedia
Chang Ung
Chang Ung (Ung Chang) is the president of one of the 3 International Taekwon-Do Federations, and a member of the International Olympic Committee (representing North Korea). The previous president, Gen...
Chang Ung - Wikipedia
Donald J. Trump - Today, I announced a new Executive Order with regard to North Korea
Today, I announced a new Executive Order with regard to North Korea. We must all do our part to ensure the complete denuclearization of #NoKo.
North Korea Documentary About America
Wow. North Korea is possibly the worst regime on earth, but you have to admit this is frighteningly accurate.
North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier returns home. Tucker visits his family in Ohio.
Wyoming Man Otto Warmbier Released From North Korea At The Request Of Donald Trump
Otto Warmbier, 22, was arrested and sentenced to 15 years' hard labor in North Korea after stealing a propaganda sign from a hotel in which he and other Amer...
Kim Man-il
Kim Man-il (Hangul: 김만일; hanja: 金萬一; 1944–1947/8) was the second son and child of North Korean leader Kim Il-sung and his first wife, Kim Jong-suk. Soviet records show that Shura was born ...
North Korea warns of a nuclear attack against the US
President Trump continues to show his willingness to go it alone and punish rogue states; Kevin Corke reports for 'Special Report'