The surgery removing Wesley Warren's 132.5 lbs testicles
Wesley Warren inflects scrotal lymphedema. His scrotum keeps growing for five years to 60kgs/132.5lbs. Dr. Joel Gelman in UC Irvine decideds to give a free operation to remove his testicles. The surge...
'Slobs, Dogs, Pigs': 7 Women Donald Trump Egregiously Insulted
So far, the Trump camp is not backing down from any negative statements toward Fox's Megyn Kelly or other women. Actually, he thinks he deserves an apology from Kelly. It all started when debate moder...
Sophie Wessex attends Royal Ascot with the Queen, Prince Harry and Charles
She's never less than impeccably dressed but Sophie, Countess of Wessex almost lost her hat as she cheered on a runner from the Royal Box at Ascot today. Elegant in an ivory dress and matching pictur...
Swiss Scientists Plug Hole In Cheese Knowledge
After about a century of research, scientists in Switzerland have finally solved the mystery of the holes in Swiss cheese. Despite what you may have been told as a child, the holes are not caused by m...
'X-Files' returning to Fox for six episodes
Fox announced Tuesday that "The X-Files" is coming back for a special six-episode "event."
Elizabeth Hurley Never Ages! See How The Royals Star Looks the Same Today as She Did 21 Years Ago
No, your eyes are not tricking you. Elizabeth Hurley does actually look better than ever. It's be...
The Woman Who Could Not Forget
Jill Price cannot forget anything in her life. She remembers everything in her life... the good and the bad.
Doctors want Mehmet Oz to resign position at Columbia
Earlier this week, a group of 10 physicians from across the country emailed a letter to Columbia University expressing disapproval that Oz is on the faculty. The email sent to Columbia's faculty dean ...
Princess Mary pays tribute to Japan in cherry blossom dress while she tours the country with husband
They will be celebrating 11 years of marriage this year, and Danish royal couple Princess Mary and Prince Frederik look as loved up as they did when they were married in May 2014.
White House announces plan to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria
The plan lists specific goals to fight the spread of antibiotic-resistant microbes over the next five years. It outlines steps to prevent and contain antibiotic-resistant infections through better sur...
A female Lebanese news anchor was told to shut up—here's what she did instead
Rima Karaki is a Lebanese TV host who isn't afraid of a fight.Things got heated Monday when Karaki was interviewing Hani Al-Seba'i about the phenomenon of Christians joining Islamic... - Renee Tenison
Renee Tenison in bikinis and other sexy outfits on The Price is Right.
Crazy Circle Illusion!
The moving balls create the overall impression (illusion) that all of the movement involved is circular. But in reality, the movement of each ball is straight.
McConnell plan moves Senate closer to deal on Homeland Security funding
The Republican leader wants a vote on separate bill for immigration, untying it from the DHS budget.
Heavy Armor Withdrawal in Ukraine Set to Begin Monday
Withdrawal of heavy armor from the frontlines in Ukraine is set to begin Monday under terms of the cease-fire deal aimed at ending the fighting in the country's east.Sunday marked the firs...
Bjork Previews MoMA Exhibition With 'Black Lake' Trailer
Upcoming 'Bjork' exhibit features a "10-minute music and film experience," along with videos, costumes and more
Stewart Regan
Stewart Regan (born February 1964, County Durham) is the current Chief Executive of the Scottish Football Association. He was appointed to the position on 28 July 2010, replacing Gordon Smith.Stewart ...