Redfern v Dunlop Rubber Australia Ltd
Redfern v Dunlop Rubber Australia Ltd (1964) 110 CLR 194 was a case decided in the High Court of Australia regarding the scope of the trade and commerce power in section 51(i) of the Constitution.
MacRobertson Miller Airlines Flight 1750
On 31 December 1968 a Vickers Viscount aircraft departed from Perth, Western Australia for a flight of 724 nautical miles (1 341 km) to Port Hedland. The aircraft crashed 28 nautical miles (52 k...
Tullamarine Freeway
The Tullamarine Freeway is an urban freeway in Melbourne, Australia, linking Melbourne Airport to the central business district.
The Tullamarine Freeway is one of the oldest freeways in Melbourne....
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Australian referendum, 1967
The 1967 Australian Referendum was held on 27 May 1967. It contained two referendum questions.
Australian referendum, 1967 (Aboriginals)
The Australian referendum of 27 May 1967, called by the Holt Government, approved two amendments to the Australian constitution relating to Indigenous Australians. Technically it was a vote on the Con...
Graeme Thorne kidnapping
The Graeme Thorne kidnapping was the 1960 kidnapping and murder of Graeme Thorne for the money that his father, Bazil Thorne, had won in a lottery. A crime which caused massive shock at the time and ...
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List of Top 25 singles for 1966 in Australia
The following lists the top 25 (end of year) charting singles on the Australian Singles Charts, for the year of 1966. These were the best charting singles in Australia for 1966. The source for this ye...