1966 in Iran
Events from the year 1966 in Iran.
1966 in Israel
Events in the year 1966 in Israel.
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1966 in Japan
Events from the year 1966 in Japan.
1966 in Malaysia
1966 in Malaysia9 years of the nationhood
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1966 in South Korea
Events from the year 1966 in South Korea.
Liangqing (monk)
Liangqing (良卿法师) was a Chinese Buddhist Monk and Abbot of Famen Temple (Chinese: 法门寺; pinyin: Fǎmén Sì).At the beginning the Chinese Cultural Revolution in 1966, a campaign was introduced to d...
Buddhist Uprising
The Buddhist Uprising of 1966 (Vietnamese: Phật giáo nổi dậy) was a period of civil and military unrest in South Vietnam, largely focused in the I Corps area in the north of the country in central...
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1966 Sarawak constitutional crisis
The 1966 Sarawak constitutional crisis took place in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia from 1965 to 1966. This crisis was started by a group of politicians who were dissatisfied towards Stephen Kalong N...
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