1968 (MCMLXVIII)was a leap year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar (dominical letter GF), the 1968th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 968th year of the 2nd...
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'X-Files' returning to Fox for six episodes
Fox announced Tuesday that "The X-Files" is coming back for a special six-episode "event."
Princess Mary pays tribute to Japan in cherry blossom dress while she tours the country with husband
They will be celebrating 11 years of marriage this year, and Danish royal couple Princess Mary and Prince Frederik look as loved up as they did when they were married in May 2014.
tpirmodelstv.com - Renee Tenison
Renee Tenison in bikinis and other sexy outfits on The Price is Right.
Theatres Act 1968
The Theatres Act 1968 abolished censorship of the stage in the United Kingdom. Since 1737, scripts had been licensed for performance by the Lord Chamberlain's Office (under the Theatres Act 1843, a co...
'X-Files' returning to Fox for six episodes
Fox announced Tuesday that "The X-Files" is coming back for a special six-episode "event."
Kelly Hu
Kelly Ann Hu (simplified Chinese: 胡凯丽; traditional Chinese: 胡凱麗; pinyin: Hú Kǎilì; born February 13, 1968) is an American actress, voice artist and former fashion model. She was Miss Teen ...
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New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition
The New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition (NZGSAE) describes a series of scientific explorations of the continent Antarctica. The expeditions were notably active in 1957-58 and again in 1...
Paris Peace Accords
The Paris Peace Accords of 1973 intended to establish peace in Vietnam and an end to the Vietnam War, ended direct U.S. military involvement, and temporarily stopped the fighting between North and Sou...
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Epperson v. Arkansas
Epperson v. Arkansas, 393 U.S. 97 (1968), was a United States Supreme Court case that invalidated an Arkansas statute that prohibited the teaching of human evolution in the public schools. The Court h...
Newport Pop Festival
The Newport Pop Festival, held in Costa Mesa, California, August 3–4, 1968, was the first music concert ever to have more than 100,000 paid attendees.There were two separate events staged in the late ...
Tawfiq al-Suwaidi
Tawfiq al-Suwaidi (1892 - October 15, 1968) was an Iraqi politician who served as Prime Minister of Iraq on three occasions stretching from 1929 to 1950.
Al-Suwaidi (Arabic: توفيق السويدي̴...
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