1969 elections
The following elections occurred in 1969.
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Queensland state election, 1969
Elections were held in the Australian state of Queensland on 17 May 1969 to elect the 78 members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland.The Country-Liberal Coalition won its fifth consecutive victo...
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Philippine Senate election, 1969
A senatorial election was held on November 11, 1969 in the Philippines. While incumbent President Ferdinand Marcos won an unprecedented second full term as President of the Philippines, and his runnin...
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Republic of China legislative election, 1969
The first supplementary elections took place for the National Assembly and the Legislative Yuan in the Republic of China on 20 December 1969. Voter turnout was 54.7% and 55.0% respectively.
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Chilean parliamentary election, 1969
Parliamentary elections were held in Chile on 2 March 1969. The Christian Democratic Party lost their majority in the Chamber of Deputies, but remained the largest party in both houses.
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Israeli legislative election, 1969
Elections for the seventh Knesset were held in Israel on 28 October 1969. Voter turnout was 81.7%.
Philippine House of Representatives elections, 1969
The Elections for the House of Representatives of the Philippines were held on November 11, 1969. Held on the same day as the presidential election, the party of the incumbent president, Ferdinand Mar...
French constitutional referendum, 1969
A constitutional referendum was held in France on 27 April 1969. The reforms would have led to government decentralization and changes to the Senate. It was rejected by 52.4% of voters, and failure of...
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Rhodesian constitutional referendum, 1969
A double referendum was held in Rhodesia on 20 June 1969. Voters were asked whether they approved of a new constitution and the declaration of a republic. Both proposals were approved by voters. The c...
Australian federal election, 1969
Federal elections were held in Australia on 25 October 1969. All 125 seats in the House of Representatives were up for election. The incumbent Liberal Party of Australia led by Prime Minister of Austr...
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Philippine presidential election, 1969
Presidential, legislative and local elections were held on November 11, 1969 in the Philippines. Incumbent President Ferdinand Marcos won an unprecedented second full term as President of the Philippi...
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Act of Free Choice
Act of Free Choice (Indonesian: Penentuan Pendapat Rakyat, PEPERA) was a series of eight regional assemblies from July to August 1969 by which Indonesia asserts that the Western New Guinea populat...
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