1969 in Iran
Events from the year 1969 in Iran.
1969 in Israel
Events in the year 1969 in Israel.
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1969 in Japan
Events in the year 1969 in Japan.
1969 in Malaysia
1969 in Malaysia12 years of the nationhood
1969 in Pakistan

1969 — General Ayub Khan resigns and General Yahya Khan takes over.
1969 in South Korea
Events from the year 1969 in South Korea.
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1969 King's Cup
The 1969 King's Cup finals were held from November 19 to November 28, 1969, in Bangkok. This was the second edition of the international football competition. Indonesia were set to defend the champion...
Philippine Senate election, 1969
A senatorial election was held on November 11, 1969 in the Philippines. While incumbent President Ferdinand Marcos won an unprecedented second full term as President of the Philippines, and his runnin...
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North Yemen Civil War
The North Yemen Civil War (Arabic: ثورة 26 سبتمبر‎) was fought in North Yemen between royalist partisans of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom and supporters of the Yemen Arab Republic from 1962 to 1...
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Japanese general election, 1969
General elections were held in Japan on 27 December 1969. The result was a victory for the Liberal Democratic Party, which won 288 of the 486 seats. Voter turnout was 68.51%.
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Republic of China legislative election, 1969
The first supplementary elections took place for the National Assembly and the Legislative Yuan in the Republic of China on 20 December 1969. Voter turnout was 54.7% and 55.0% respectively.
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