1978 in film
The year 1978 in film involved some significant events.
The top ten 1978 released films by box office gross in North America are as follows:
Fox News Reporter Attacked by crazy woman and then husband comes to finish the job... The two of them are involved in a real estate scam... Whole Fox News St...
Special Delivery (1978 film)
Special Delivery (French: Livraison spéciale) is a 1978 animated short film made at the National Film Board of Canada which won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film as well as first prize at...
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The Bermuda Depths
The Bermuda Depths is a Japanese / American co-production 1978 fantasy film originally broadcast as a made-for-TV movie written by Arthur Rankin Jr. of Rankin/Bass fame. Special effects and creature ...
The Big Sleep (1978 film)
The Big Sleep is a 1978 film, the second film version of Raymond Chandler's 1939 novel of the same name. The picture was directed by Michael Winner and stars Robert Mitchum in his second feature film...
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Aval Appadithan
Aval Appadithan (English: That is how she is) is a 1978 Indian Tamil drama film co-written and directed by C. Rudhraiya, on his directorial debut. The film was produced by Ragamanjari in associat...
Holiday Hotel
Holiday Hotel (French title:L'Hôtel de la plage) is a 1978 French comedy film directed and written by Michel Lang. The film stars Sophie Barjac and Myriam Boyer on a summer holiday in Brittany.
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The Stud (film)
The Stud is a 1978 film starring Joan Collins and Oliver Tobias. It is based on the 1969 novel of the same name by Jackie Collins.
Fontaine Khaled is the London wife of a wealthy but boring busin...
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Priya (film)
Priya is the Sanskrit word (Priyā female and Priya male) for "nice, beloved" (cognate to English free, see Frige (Anglo-Saxon goddess)). It is a common given name in India, Nepal and some countries in...
The Wiz (1978 soundtrack)
The Wiz is the original motion picture soundtrack album for the 1978 film adaptation of the Broadway musical The Wiz. Although the film was produced for Universal Pictures by Motown Records' film divi...
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Building Sites Bite
Building Sites Bite is a public information film produced for British schools to warn children about the danger of playing on building sites. It was written and directed by David Hughes and produced b...
Naukri is a 1978 Bollywood film directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee.This Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s not so famous movie but critically acclaimed classic Naukri (1978) featuring Rajesh Khanna and Raj Kapoor ...
Errors of Youth
Errors of Youth (Russian: Ошибки юности, Oshibki yunosti) is a Soviet drama film directed in 1978 by Boris Frumin. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1989 Cannes Film Festiva...
Stingray (film)
Stingray is a 1978 action comedy film written and directed by Richard Taylor. The film was released theatrically by Avco Embassy Pictures in August 1978. The plot concerns two buddies who buy a 1964 ...
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Sattam En Kaiyil
Sattam En Kaiyil is a 1978 Tamil-language Indian feature film directed by T.N.Baalu, starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role of the protagonist.
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Amara Prema
Amara Prema is the Telugu dubbed version of the Malayalam film Madanolsavam starring Kamal Haasan and Zarina Wahab in lead roles.
Auditions (film)
Auditions is a 1978 film directed by Harry Hurwitz.
A pseudo-documentary about the processes involved in putting together and casting actors and actresses for a porn film. Although several actual...