Octet/Music for a Large Ensemble/Violin Phase
This piece is from '78. Fill in my questionnaire if you have time it will help me a lot. You just have to give your impressions on 3 musical pieces. fd2.f...
John Gavanti
An Operetta (1980)
Civilian (Gentle Giant album)
Heroes No More(bonus track) They were standing there - they were so near, yet so far away. Were they so unreal? Just a dream of someone to be one day? There ...
Defector (album)
Bell X1 perform The Great Defector from their new album Blue Lights On The Runway, on The Late Show with David Letterman. March 17, 2009. Lyrics: I am ...
Look Hear?
It was rainbowing for at least an hour on January 8th 2010. It was incredible. The camera could not capture the vivid intensity and brightness. Look into the...
The Turn of a Friendly Card
The Turn of a Friendly Card.
Atomic Rooster (1980 album)
The track She's My Woman from Atomic Rooster's album Atomic Rooster 1980
The Obvious Identity
This is the Consultants Mishmash video with the sound from the Cardiacs Garage Concert CD.
White Music (Crack the Sky album)
Title track from their 1980 album. Lyrics: When we're dancing on the lawn Pink flamingos on the lawn White music in the street White music in the street When...
Colours (Eloy album)
Eloy's Illuminations with some fantasy pict's i love this song it's from the album -Colours- 1980.
Duke (album)
Music video by The Duke Robillard Band performing What's Wrong . Stony Plain Records release Sept. 2011 Filmed, Edited and Directed by David Paul Album Pro...
Leave It Open (album)
Unsentimental Traveling Around Sure of myself Sure of it now But you were standing there so close to me Like the future was supposed to be In the aisles of t...
Departure (Journey album)
Artist: Journey Album: Departure Released in: 1980 Lyrics: Do (do) you (you) feel (feel) me? Do (do) you (you) feel (feel) me? Do (do) you (you) feel (feel) ...
Audio Vision 1980 7th Album in USA.
Periscope Life
Kayak's hit Periscope life (live)
Chance (album)
Album Last Chance, No Breaks 1995 Jamal Phillips (born April 26, 1979), who performs under the mononym Jamal, is an American rapper and music producer. He ...
Little Stevie Orbit
Little Stevie Orbit is the third album by American popular singer Steve Forbert.
All songs written by Steve Forbert
Glass Houses
Glass Houses is the seventh studio album by American singer-songwriter Billy Joel, released on March 10, 1980. It features Joel's first song to peak at #1 on Billboard's Pop Singles chart, "It's Still...
Glass Houses - Wikipedia
Untitled Trooper album
Untitled is the seventh studio album by the Canadian rock band Trooper (informally known as Trooper 1980). It was released on October 4, 1980. It remains the only Trooper album not to chart a hit si...
One Bad Habit
One Bad Habit is a jazz vocal album by Michael Franks, released in 1980 by Warner Bros. Records. It was Franks' sixth studio album, and the first to receive significant radio play in the United States...
One Bad Habit - Wikipedia
Shri Camel
Shri Camel is an album by experimental music and classical minimalism pioneer Terry Riley. Riley began composing the work in 1975 on commission from West Germany's Radio Bremen, and performed an earl...
The Birthday Party (The Birthday Party album)
The Birthday Party is a 1980 album by Australian rock band, The Boys Next Door, (later reissued under the band name The Birthday Party). The album was produced by The Boys Next Door, Tony Cohen, and K...
The Birthday Party (The Birthday Party album) - Wikipedia
Les Épousailles
Les Épousailles (The Wedding) is a 1980 album by La Bottine Souriante.