99 zápaliek
99 zápaliek (English: 99 matches) is the third studio album by Modus, released on OPUS in 1981.
All songs written and composed by Lehotský and Peteraj, unless stated otherwise. 
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Village Life
Village Life is an album by jazz pianist Herbie Hancock and Foday Musa Suso recorded live in the studio in Japan in 1985.
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Endangered Species (Klaatu album)
Endangered Species is the fourth and penultimate album by the Canadian progressive rock band Klaatu, released in mid-1980. The music on the album was a stark contrast from any other Klaatu album, as i...
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Turistens klagan
Turistens klagan,(English: Tourist's lament) is a music album recorded by the Swedish-Dutch folk singer-songwriter Cornelis Vreeswijk in 1980. It is one half of the double concept album Felicia´s sven...
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Zoolook is the fourth overall mainstream studio album by Jean Michel Jarre, and released on the Disques Dreyfus label in 1984. It makes extensive use of digital recording techniques and sampling. Much...
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