1982 Intercontinental Cup
The 1982 Intercontinental Cup was a football match played on 12 December 1982 between Peñarol, winners of the 1982 Copa Libertadores, and Aston Villa, winners of the 1981–82 European Cup. The match w...
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1982 Peruvian Segunda División
The 1982 Segunda División Peruana, the second division of Peruvian football (soccer), was played by 6 teams. The tournament winner, Unión Gonzales Prada was promoted to the 1982 Copa Perú.
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Brazil vs Italy (1982)
Brazil vs Italy (1982) was a football match that took place between Brazil and Italy at Estadio Sarriá, Barcelona on 5 July 1982. It was the final second round group stage match for Group C in the 198...
Brazil at the 1982 FIFA World Cup
The Brazilian national football team participated in the 1982 FIFA World Cup, and in doing so maintained their record of being the only team to enter every World Cup Finals.Brazil played until the Sec...
1982 Torneo Descentralizado
The 1982 Torneo Descentralizado was the sixty-sixth season of Peruvian football. A total of 16 teams competed in the tournament. The season was divided into several stages. Universitario de Deportes w...
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1982 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
The 1982 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, (officially the 1982 Taça de Ouro) was the 26th edition of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A.
44 teams took part, with Flamengo winning the championship.
1982 Copa Libertadores
The Copa Libertadores 1982 was the 23rd edition of the Copa Libertadores, CONMEBOL's annual international club tournament. Peñarol won the competition.
1982 Venezuelan Primera División season
The 1982 season of the Venezuelan Primera División, the top category of Venezuelan football, was played by 12 teams. The national champions were San Cristóbal.
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1982 Argentine Primera División
Statistics of Primera División Argentina in season 1982.
1982 Copa Perú
The Peru Cup 1982 season (Spanish: Copa Perú 1982), the promotion tournament of Peruvian football.In this tournament after many qualification rounds, each one of the 24 departments in which Peru i...