1982 in South Korea
Events from the year 1982 in South Korea.
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South Korea at the 1982 Asian Games
South Korea (IOC designation:Korea) participated in the 1982 Asian Games held in Delhi, India from November 19, 1982 to December 4, 1982.
List of South Korean films of 1982
A list of films produced in South Korea in 1982:
Korea Baseball Futures League
Korea Baseball Futures League (Hangul: 한국 야구 퓨처스리그) is South Korea's 2nd level of baseball, below that of the KBO. It serves as a farm league with the purpose is to developing professional players...
Busan American Cultural Service building arson
The 1982 Busan arson attack or Busan American Council Fire Accidents (부산 미국문화원 방화사건, 釜山美文化院放火事件) was an Anti-American attack made by students of the Anti-American and Socialist Anti-Imperialist Nation...
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Horim Museum
Horim Museum is a museum in Seoul, South Korea.The museum was founded by Yun Jang-seob (윤장섭 尹章燮) who after setting up the Sungbo Cultural Foundation (성보문화재단 成保文化財團) in July 1981 to purchase antiquitie...
Jeju United FC
The Jeju United Football Club (Korean:제주 유나이티드 FC) is a South Korean professional football club. The club is based in Jeju, South Korea. In the past, the club has been known by the names Yukong Elepha...
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