To the Power of Three
Oh, no! Their practice race was a disaster, but now the young Ultimate Racers must battle in a real race against one of Berrrg's evil minions! Will they comb...
A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window
NOT from Seaside Treats but a couple of years earlier. That's Marguerite Johnston making it a seven-piece. Not sure who that young slim bass player is, thoug...
Out of the Silent Planet (album)
Out of the Silent Planet is a single from the Iron Maiden album Brave New World, released in 2000. The single features two live tracks from the 1999 Ed Hun...
Forever Your Girl
Forever Your Girl is the 1988 debut album by American singer Paula Abdul. Released on June 13, 1988, It took 64 weeks from its release to hit number one on the Billboard 200 album sales chart, the lon...
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Life Sucks... And Then You Die!
Life Sucks... And Then You Die! was the debut album by Cerebral Fix – a thrash metal band from Birmingham, England. The band released it in 1988 on the independent record label Vinyl Solution, a...
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Poems for Trio
Poems For Trio (released 1988 in Oslo, Norway on the Hot Club Records label - HCRCD 49) is an album by the Norwegian saxophonist Karl Seglem in trio with Kåre Thomsen and Ole Amund Gjersvik.
La Diva Aux Pieds Nus
La Diva Aux Pieds Nus is the first album recorded by Cesária Évora.
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Bel Assis
Bel Assis is Mo Foster's first album.All tracks were produced by Mo, engineered and mixed by Simon Smart.Bel Assis was originally released on Pete Van Hooke's fledgling MMC label in 1988 and was subse...
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Donut Comes Alive
Donut Comes Alive is Alice Donut's first studio album, release in 1988. It was produced at Water Music.The songs "Death Shield" and "I Want Your Mother" were only available on the CD release.
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Miss America (Mary Margaret O'Hara album)
Miss America is an album by Mary Margaret O'Hara, released in 1988. It is O'Hara's only full-length studio album released to date. All of her other releases have been EPs, soundtrack albums or collabo...
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The Frogs (album)
The Frogs is a self-titled debut album by The Frogs. It was originally released in limited quantities (only 1010 copies on black vinyl),][1] and was re-released on CD by Moikai Records in 1999.[2] The...
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Brian Wilson (album)
Brian Wilson is the eponymous debut studio album by Brian Wilson released in July 1988 on Sire Records. It was voted one of the best albums of 1988 by NME, and as part of its acclaim, garnered the nic...
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The Right Stuff (album)
The Right Stuff is the debut album of Vanessa L. Williams released in 1988. The albums and its singles were well received by both the Urban and Pop markets. Includes the hit singles, "The Right Stuff"...
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John Patitucci (album)
John Patitucci is the debut solo album of jazz bassist John Patitucci. The album charted #1 at the Billboard Top Jazz Albums 1987.
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Ultra Vivid Scene (album)
Ultra Vivid Scene is the debut album by Ultra Vivid Scene, released in 1988. Kurt Ralske was the writer, producer, and sole performer.
All songs written by Kurt Ralske.† On CD version only
Two Nuns and a Pack Mule
Two Nuns and A Pack Mule is the first and only LP by the Chicago noise rock band Rapeman. The CD re-release contains the Budd EP in its entirety.
All songs written by Rapeman, except where noted. ...
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Russell Hitchcock (album)
Russell Hitchcock is the self-titled debut album by Russell Hitchcock, best known as the lead singer of Air Supply, released in 1988. The album didn't reach the charts, though singles "The Sun Ain't G...
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The Coast of Colorado
The Coast of Colorado is the debut album by American country music artist Skip Ewing. It was released on April 4, 1988 via MCA Records. The album includes the singles "Your Memory Wins Again", "I Don'...
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To Whom It May Concern (The Pasadenas album)
To Whom It May Concern is an album released by the band The Pasadenas. It was released in 1988.
Underneath the Radar
Underneath the Radar is the debut album by Underworld, released in 1988 (see 1988 in music). The album was a success in both Australia and the US (where it reached #139 on the Billboard 200). The ti...
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Illusions (Sadus album)
Illusions is the initial album of Sadus originally released in 1988. It was re-issued on CD by Roadrunner Records as Chemical Exposure in 1991, and again in 2006 with two bonus tracks.Reissued by Disp...
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Ultramega OK
Ultramega OK is the debut full-length studio album by the American rock band Soundgarden, released on October 31, 1988 through SST Records. Following the release of the EPs Screaming Life (1987), and ...
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Isn't Anything
Isn't Anything is the debut full-length studio album by My Bloody Valentine, released on 21 November 1988 on Creation Records.
After the band's original vocalist Dave Conway left in 1987, to be re...
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People (Hothouse Flowers album)
People is the debut album by celtic rock group Hothouse Flowers, released in 1988. This album to date is the biggest selling debut album by an Irish artist in Ireland.
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Who? (album)
Who? is the debut album of American R&B group Tony! Toni! Toné!. It was released on October 25, 1988 by Wing Records and was produced by Foster & McElroy, with whom they were friends from thei...
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Allroy Sez
Allroy Sez is the debut album by the American punk rock band All, released in March 1988 through Cruz Records. Following the departure of singer Milo Aukerman from the Descendents, the remaining membe...
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