The Live Brain Wedgie/WAD
From the first Ween album ever pressed on vinyl, Live Brain Wedgie/Wad.
Tangentized piece of Livemiles (The Dream Roots Collection) Video - Iceland.
20 Years of Jethro Tull (video)
Whilst looking through my old VHS collection, I found this interesting documentary about the first 20 years of Jethro Tull. It was cut down to fit an hour sl...
The Siegel–Schwall Reunion Concert
The Siegel–Schwall Reunion Concert is an album by the Siegel–Schwall Band. It was recorded live in 1987, and released by Alligator Records in 1988.The Siegel–Schwall Band formed in Chicago in 1964. ...
The Siegel–Schwall Reunion Concert - Wikipedia
Live Without Sense
Live Without Sense is a live album by German thrash metal band Destruction.
Live Without Sense - Wikipedia
Modern Jazz Quartet
The Modern Jazz Quartet was a jazz combo established in 1952 that played a style of jazz influenced by classical music, cool jazz, blues and bebop. The band performed over a forty-year span with only ...
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Extreme Volume Live
Extreme Volume Live is the first live album by Racer X. It features solos from four members of the band. It was recorded at The Country Club in Reseda, California.
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Nö Sleep at All
Nö Sleep at All is the second official live album by the British band Motörhead, following 1981's No Sleep 'til Hammersmith. It was recorded on 2 July 1988 at a Giants of Rock Festival performance in ...
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Barnestorming was a live album by former Cold Chisel vocalist Jimmy Barnes. The album was released in 1988 and went to number one on the Australian album chart for 3 weeks in late 1988.
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All Live and All of the Night
All Live and All of the Night is a live album by The Stranglers. The release peaked at No. 12 in the UK Albums Chart in March 1988.In 1986, The Stranglers played their first concerts for two years. By...
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Live (Bad Brains album)
Live is a live album from hardcore punk & reggae pioneers Bad Brains. It was recorded in early 1988 and features a complete set of blistering punk rock as well as a few funk selections from their ...
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The Peel Sessions (The Smiths EP)
The Peel Sessions is an EP by the English alternative rock band The Smiths. The EP, which was released in 1988, was recorded on 18 May 1983, for the BBC Radio 1 disc jockey John Peel's show which was ...
The Peel Session (Bolt Thrower EP)
The Peel Session is a Bolt Thrower EP of their first Peel Sessions. It is released on Strange Fruit. It is produced by Dale Griffin. The EP is in its entirety included in the The Peel Sessions 1988-90...
Roadkill (Manilla Road album)
Roadkill is a live album released by the band Manilla Road in 1988 on Black Dragon Records.
Roadkill (Manilla Road album) - Wikipedia
Live and Loud (Stiff Little Fingers album)
Live and Loud is a live Punk album by the band Stiff Little Fingers, released in 1988 by Link Records.
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Performance (Spacemen 3 album)
Performance is the first live album from Spacemen 3, documenting a set from the Perfect Prescription tour. It was recorded on February 6, 1988 at De Melkweg, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Performance (Spacemen 3 album) - Wikipedia
Boingo Alive
Boingo Alive is a double live album by Oingo Boingo, released on September 26, 1988. During recordings, the band performed live in a studio with no audience; hence it is not a traditional "live" album...
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Live '88 (Supertramp album)
Live '88 is a live album by the British progressive rock band Supertramp. It was released in October 1988 on A&M Records. Originally recorded on two track cassette direct from the sound board for ...
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Live in Vienna (Cecil Taylor album)
Live in Vienna is a live album by Cecil Taylor recorded in Vienna on November 7, 1987 and released on the Leo label. The album features a concert performance by Taylor with Thurman Barker, William Par...
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Feel Good Now
Feel Good Now is a live album by the New York No Wave band Swans. It was recorded from shows on their 1987 Children of God tour in Europe.
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The Janice Long Session EP
The Janice Long Session EP is an EP by Danielle Dax, a British experimental musician and former member of The Lemon Kittens. It is also known as the BBC Sessions and was recorded on 1 December 1985, a...
Live at Ronnie Scott's (Curtis Mayfield album)
Live at Ronnie Scott's is an album by Curtis Mayfield recorded at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club.
Live at Ronnie Scott's (Curtis Mayfield album) - Wikipedia
One Fair Summer Evening
One Fair Summer Evening is Nanci Griffith's seventh album, and her first one recorded in a live setting. It was recorded on August 19 and August 20, 1988 at Anderson Fair, a Houston, Texas club long k...
One Fair Summer Evening - Wikipedia
Chimes of Freedom (EP)
Chimes of Freedom is the name of a 1988 live Bruce Springsteen EP. It was released to support the multi-artist Human Rights Now! Tour in benefit of Amnesty International. This tour was announce...
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Out of the Air
Out of the Air is an album by the Irish uilleann pipes player Davy Spillane, that was originally released on Tara Music in 1988. Allmusic awards this album with 4 stars. Following the release of his '...
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