2000 in Indonesia
The following lists events that happened during 2000 in Indonesia
Christmas Eve 2000 Indonesia bombings
On Christmas Eve, 2000, a series of explosions took place in Indonesia, which were part of a high-scale terrorist attack by Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah. The attack involved a series of coordinated b...
Indonesia at the 2000 Summer Olympics
Indonesia competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.
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2000 Asian Athletics Championships
The 13th Asian Athletics Championships were held in Jakarta, Indonesia in late August 2000.
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Banten is a province on the westernmost province on the island of Java, in Indonesia and its capital is Serang. The population of Banten was officially estimated at 11,834,087 at the start of 2014, u...
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2000 Walisongo school massacre
The Walisongo school massacre is the name given to a series of attacks by Christian militants on 28 May 2000 upon several predominantly Muslim villages around Poso town, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia as...
Jakarta Stock Exchange bombing
The Jakarta Stock Exchange bombing was a terrorist attack on the Jakarta Stock Exchange on September 14, 2000.A car bomb exploded in the basement of the building, triggering a chain of explosions in w...
2000 Sumatra earthquake
The 2000 Sumatra earthquake struck at 23:30 local time on June 4, 2000 off the coast of southern Sumatra, Indonesia with a magnitude of 7.9 Mw. The United States Geological Survey reported 103 fatalit...
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2000 Philippine consulate bombing
The 2000 Philippine consulate bombing occurred on 1 August, 2000, in Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia. A bomb was detonated outside the official residence of the Philippines Ambassador to Indonesia, Leonid...
Maluku sectarian conflict
The Maluku Islands sectarian conflict was a period of ethno-political conflict along religious lines, which spanned the Indonesian islands that compose the Maluku archipelago, with particularly seriou...
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Indonesia 2000 census
The Indonesia 2000 census or Indonesia Census 2000 was carried out with the fix-date 2000-06-30 and counted 203 million people, a revised figure of 206 264 595 people with estimates was deemed as offi...
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United Nations Security Council Resolution 1319
United Nations Security Council resolution 1319, adopted unanimously on 8 September 2000, after recalling previous resolutions on East Timor (Timor-Leste), the Council demanded that Indonesia take ste...
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