FC Felcsút
FC Felcsút is a Hungarian football team.
Conspiracy (demogroup)
Conspiracy is a Hungarian demogroup founded in late 2002. Being an amalgamation of various other groups, founding members were members of demogroups Digital Dynamite, Inquisition and Ümlaüt Design.Alt...
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Hungary (European Parliament constituency)
In European elections, Hungary is a constituency of the European Parliament, currently represented by twenty-four MEPs. It covers the member state of Hungary.
As of October 2007
Civil Movement
The Civil Movement (Hungarian: Civil Mozgalom), abbreviated to CM, is a centre-right political party in Hungary. It has a third way ideology.
In the Summer of 2008 Mária Seres initiated a refe...
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Centre Party (Hungary)
The Centre Party (Hungarian: Centrumpárt) is a centrist political party in Hungary.
The Centre Party came into being in 2001, with the cooperation of the Christian Democratic People's Party (K...
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Egri FC
Egri FC is a Hungarian football club, based in Eger. The club's colours are red and blue. They played five times in the first league, however there were two years in the recent past (2003–05) when the...
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Politics Can Be Different
Politics Can Be Different (alternative translation: 'Another Politics Is Possible') (Hungarian: Lehet Más a Politika, LMP) is a green-liberal political party in Hungary. Founded in 2009, it was on...
Jobbik, the Movement for a Better Hungary (Hungarian: Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom), commonly known as Jobbik ([ˈjobːik]), is a Hungarian radical nationalist political party. The party describe...
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Palace of Arts (Budapest)
The Palace of Arts (Művészetek Palotája in Hungarian) is a building in Ferencváros, Budapest, Hungary, officially opened in March 2005. It is located near Rákóczi Bridge and was designed by Zoboky, De...
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