2000s in music
This article includes an overview of the major events and trends in popular music in the 2000s.
The 2000s were for the most part, nondescript, as pop music fragmented into smaller trends. Unlike m...
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WOW!! This is absolutely crazy! A must watch
This is absolutely crazy! A must watch
Oasis - Falling Down
Music video by Oasis performing Falling Down. (C) 2009 Big Brother Recordings SUBSCRIBE HERE: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=oasisinetofficial Vevo: http://www.youtube.c...
Martin Hurkens - You Raise me Up
Martin Hurkens with 'You raise me up', in the city of Maastricht (NL) (2010) (L1.nl is the public broadcaster for the Dutch region of Limburg) A more recent video clip (2015) of Martin Hurkens is sho...
Love watching Speaker Pelosi get ambushed by the dreamers...
Love watching Speaker Pelosi get ambushed by the very people she claims to support. They now know it’s all LIP SERVICE and politics! 🍿😂 #DACA peeps, she doesn’t give a 💩 abou...
Classic Rock Legacy - Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends
In Memoriam JOE COCKER! (May 20, 1944 - December 22, 2014) Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends Live, 1969
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze - Germany 1967
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze - Germany 1967
Michael Jackson's Drummer Jonathan Moffett Performs Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal is one of Michael Jackson's most iconic songs - and we were lucky enough to have his actual drummer (who toured with him for over 30 years) come to our studio and perform it! Free 7-D...
Guitar Legacy - Steve Vai, Apocalyptica, Russian Guitarists and Cellists (Kashmir Live Moscow 2016)
Products shown: Keep Calm And Play Guitar T-Shirt, I Have Too Many Guitars T-Shirt and I Don't Always Need...
Scientists Might Just Have Discovered How To Prevent Gray Hair
A breakthrough study may have important ramifications.
Hans Zimmer - Gladiator - Live
WEB: http://www.supersoundtracks.com
JazzLounge - Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary 1971
Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary 1971
Emo /ˈiːmoʊ/ is a style of rock music characterized by expressive, often confessional, lyrics. It originated in the mid-1980s hardcore punk movement of Washington, D.C., where it was known as "emotio...
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Filmi (Hindi: फ़िल्मी संगीत, "of films") is Indian popular music as written and performed for Indian cinema (though "filmi" may refer to other uses such as 'filmi actor' or 'filmi attitude'). Musi...
House music
House music is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. It was initially popularized in Chicago, circa 1984. In the mid-to-late 1980s, house music became popula...
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Indian pop
Indian pop music (Hindi: हिन्दुस्तानी पॉप संगीत), often known as Indian-Pop, Hindi Pop, Indipop or Indi-pop, refers to pop music in India. Pop music really started in the South Asian region with t...
J-pop (often stylized as J-POP; Japanese: ジェイポップ jeipoppu; an abbreviation for Japanese pop), natively also known simply as pops, is a musical genre that entered the musical mainstream of Japan in...
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Nu metal
Nu metal (also known as new metal, neo-metal, nü-metal, or aggro-metal) is a subgenre of alternative metal that fuses elements of heavy metal music with those of multiple other genres, most notably on...
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